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United Nations tweets giant oops about Israeli-Palestinian conflict resolution

Talk about a big, international relations tweet gaffe!

An erroneous tweet was posted on the United Nations Twitter account today, seemingly condoning a one-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “On Day of Solidarity w/ Palestinians, Ban Ki-moon stresses urgency of reaching 1-state solution,” the tweet read.

The timing of the tweet was incredibly poor, as the U.N. was voting on upgrading Palestine’s status to non-member observer.

The social media network immediately went wild over the tweet. “That “1 state” tweet was possibly the biggest typo ever in Twitter history. But I feel so bad for the @UN social person. #happyhoursomewhere” tweeted @imavip. “Freudian slip from the @UN?” @lachlan tweeted.

According to other Twitter users, it took about 35 minutes for the original tweet to be taken down. The U.N. then posted a corrected tweet, with “2-state solution” substituted for “1-state solution.”

In a vote of 138 yes, 9 no and 41 abstentions, Palestine was granted its upgraded status by the U.N. The United States voted against the resolution.

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