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Dan Rather: Republicans need to get in touch with science

CBS News Evening News anchor Dan Rather appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC Wednesday night with his own take on how Republicans can come back after facing defeat last week.

According to Rather, it’s science, global warming and evolution that are holding Republicans back.

Yes, you heard that right. It’s not women voters, it’s not latino voters, it’s not social issues and  it’s not young voters…it’s science.

“The Republicans, their number one need is to get in touch with a fact-based world,” he told Maddow. “They are now in the position of being pictured like a man who wears spats to the office, or something. So far out of touch, that it’s unrealistic.”

He did urge viewers to have compassion on the Republicans because, “Loser’s locker-rooms are always tough.”

Rather called Republicans to step to the plate, stop being obstructionists and stop making excuses about losing the election, just get back in touch for the next time.

His words seemed unusually insightful, until he started talking about what fact the Republicans are missing about the ‘fact based world,” which happens to be their inability to adapt their policies to the demands of voters.

Rather even attributed President Barack Obama’s reelection success to the President’s understanding of science.

“This is now the 21 century and what President Obama did, he hired math wizards and so-called stat geeks, and they dealt with data, facts, science, went into the census returns,” he said. “The Republicans didn’t learn that lesson.”

Apparently elections, in Rather’s world, are not about ideas and philosophies, they are about molding party platforms to to appeal to the maximum amount of voters like a math equation.

Does it matter if a political party is dangerously close to disregarding morality and ethics all together? Does it matter that particular policies may bring disastrous consequences to future generations? Not in Rather’s world! What matters is the science which dictates the platform and policies that will attract the maximum number of votes mathematically possible.

Until they get in touch with this [science], it’s very hard to see how your optimism and my hopes are going to be fulfilled,” Rather said.

It may be tough in the loser’s locker room, Rather, but trust me, no Republicans are sitting around thinking about changing their political convictions to match up with the math, they are sitting around thinking about how to change the math so that it reflects their political convictions.

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