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Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel: ABC fails ethics test

Martha Raddatz is the moderator of tonight’s vice presidential debate. In 1991, Barack Obama attended her wedding. A year later, her then-husband, now a high level administration appointee and a personal friend of the president, attended the Obamas’ wedding.

Irrelevant information? Put it this way: If Raddatz were a judge, she’d likely have to recuse herself from cases pertaining to the Obamas.

We’re not arguing that Raddatz will slant tonight’s debate in the Obama campaign’s favor — any more than a member of Congress would automatically vote for an appropriation simply because it helps a campaign contributor. We are arguing that the public has a right to know the facts about Raddatz’s relationship to the president.

You’d think that ABC News would be arguing the same thing. This is a network, after all, that has made a reputation (as well as a fortune) by exposing conflicts of interest among politicians, judges, business leaders and others in positions of authority.

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