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What’s the matter with Massachusetts?

According to the latest Boston Globe poll, Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren (D) is now leading incumbent Sen. Scott Brown (R) by five points in what has become the most watched Senate race of 2012.

As The Globe points out, this is the sixth time Warren has lead Brown in the last eight polls The Globe has taken – it’s absolutely not a fluke poll.

The newspaper points out that,”Brown’s hurdle is that even as voters from both parties say they like him personally, regard him as bipartisan, and give him high marks on his job performance, many also say they plan to stick with their political party.”

Basically, if Massachusetts Democrats, which outnumber Republicans 3 – 1, vote a straight party ticket, Brown will get the boot despite having done everything right in office but be a Democrat.

That leads me to wonder, what’s the matter with Massachusetts?

Arguably Brown only won his special election to to the U.S. Senate in 2010 because he was up against stuck-up Attorney General Martha Coakely, who balked at the idea of mingling with the commoners outside Fenway Park and spelled the Commonwealth’s name wrong in an ad. 

However, the Elizabeth Warren debacle has nearly risen to Coakely ranks.

Warren’s lies about her Native American heritage ought to give Massachusetts voters pause about her morals – morals that have further come into question over the last two weeks after conservative blogger William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection revealed that Warren may have illegally practiced law in Massachusetts without a license. Worse, the clients Warren represented don’t fit into the progressive ‘power to the people’ narrative Democrats adore her for.

Massachusetts voters shouldn’t write off Jacobson’s findings on the issue of whether Warren broke the law as a partisan smear. A  recent Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly poll finds that 87 percent of the lawyers polled believe that Warren should be investigated over the law license report based on the evidence presented.

Despite the fact that Massachusetts’ favorite son Mitt Romney is at the top of the ticket, Commonwealth voters seem intent on electing Warren come hell or high water.

Tonight Warren and Brown will square off in their second debate. While it’s still too early to call the race for Warren, it’s difficult to envision what else Brown could possibly bring up tonight or in forthcoming weeks that would hurt Warren’s credibility enough to change Massachusetts voters’ minds.



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