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Rick Perry to Youth Tele-Townhall: Either Young People Get More Involved or Election Is Over

If young Americans don’t get more involved we’ll get four more years of current President Barack Obama, confirmed Texas Governor Rick Perry at a National Young Americans for Romney Tele-Townhall conference on Monday.

But other than that statement Perry made little mention of the prospects or expectations of the Romney campaign during the conference. He never once mentioned the upcoming debates or the fact that Romney is struggling in the polls.

He kept his rhetoric to the familiar, “why vote for Mitt Romney” arguments about the growing debt, unemployment and the looming disaster of Obamacare. He also paid particular attention to America’s role in the international world.

“The world is a mess and I think the world is a mess because no one respects America,” he said.

He said Obama had failed to be a strong example of American leadership abroad and done nothing to restructure the military.

For Perry, the worst part of losing the election to Obama would be the devastating future that would be in store for young Americans who will just be entering the prime of middle-age 30 years from now.

“Sign up to make those phone calls, knock on those doors,” he said. “If we don’t get this right the ability for you and your generation to pay that debt off becomes very very difficult.”

He shared his own experience with campaigning for multiple public offices and said that the most effective form of campaigning is door-to door.

“There is nothing more powerful than one-on-one, when a young person like yourself knocks on a door,” he said. “You can watch a dozen TV ads, you can see the web, you can see Twitter but nothing you can do is as powerful as that one-on-one, that knock on the door and that phone call.”

But the Townhall was just like most everything else put on for young people by the Romney campaign, not energizing, not inspiring and the same lines that every young person has heard dozens of times.

It’s no wonder Romney has trouble with the youth vote.

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