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Keith Olbermann Jumps on Truther Bandwagon on 9/11 Anniversary

The Bush Administration has faced criticism from the media and liberal pundits for years regarding the September 11 terrorist attacks. Fingers have been pointed, reports have been studied, and blame has been placed.  As the eleventh anniversary of the worst terrorist attack in history on American soil dawns, pundits and journalists are back at it.

Kurt Eichenwald of The New York Times published an article on Monday detailing the events and reports leading up to 9/11, and liberal pundits were quick to use what should be a day of remembrance, as an opportunity to blame Bush once again.

Former MSNBC host and liberal windbag Keith Olbermann was quick to jump on the bandwagon, citing Eichenwald’s piece at every chance on anyone who’d dare to argue with him.










































Political ideology and opinions aside, the mere ability of an American to use the anniversary of 9/11 to blame a former President’s administration is questionable and in my opinion, morally corrupt.

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