Red Alert Politics has officially merged with the Washington Examiner hits DNC keynote speaker Julian Castro, others for ‘Disinformation’

Julian slammed what it says were fallacious claims made by Democratic National Convention keynote speaker San Antonio, Texas Mayor Julian Castro, among others, as “disinformation” in a piece titled “Democratic Disinformation from Charlotte.”

It tore apart Castro’s claim that Barack Obama has created 4.5 million jobs since taking office, rating it as “dubious,” noting that the economy has regained only 4 million of the 4.3 million jobs lost since Obama took office.

“The picture changes dramatically, however, when starting from the beginning of Obama’s presidency,” found. “Between January 2009 and the most recently reported figures, there has been a net increase of just 332,000 private-sector jobs.”

It also said that Castro joined his fellow Democrats in distorting and misrepresenting Mitt Romney’s position on taxes, suggesting the GOP nominee would raise taxes on the middle class if elected.

On Pell Grants, found that Castro distorted the changes that Paul Ryan has called for when it comes to Pell Grants when he suggested that Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” budget “guts” the program.

Ryan’s plan would limit the growth of the Pell Grant program while keeping the maximum award stable at $5,550.

“Castro could have said that Ryan’s plan would result in fewer students receiving Pell Grants, since the Wisconsin Republican does want to tighten eligibility requirements and limit the growth of the program,” said. “But Castro went too far in saying that the Republican plan “guts Pell Grants.”

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