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Libs start ‘Impeach Romney’ Facebook page, blog, e-merchandising pages

Could it be a sign that some liberals are fearful that Barack Obama might lose in November?

An “Impeach Romney” Facebook page along with a separate blog and an site selling “Impeach Romney” wares have emerged to pre-emptively call for Romney’s impeachment.

So far the “Impeach Romney” Facebook page has 73 likes, and its originator writes: “So he has not been elected and may not be but this is what we call preemptive strike. Impeach Romney!!!”

The page features a series of anti-Romney texts and joke photos, such as one of the GOP nominee in a painting in drag.

“If you have any Liberal Friends please “SHARE” impeach Romney with them… Pre-emptive Strike!” one of the posts on the page reads.

At, interested parties can buy bumper stickers and T-Shirts saying “Impeach Mitt Romney,” “Crook,” “Crazy,” “Greedy,” “Loser” along with a stylized cartoon of Romney as the “Joker,” all featuring the Romney campaign’s stylized “R” logo.

The site, however, contains more or less generic Democratic Party talking points against Romney.

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