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Ron Paul Wants YOU To Pay For His Delegates’ Trips To RNC Convention

Never one to follow the status quo, the Ron Paul campaign is making an interesting new fundraising pitch to his loyal campaign supporters: pay for his delegates to travel to Tampa!

In a recent campaign email, Rep. Paul (R-TX) shifted his focus on fundraising, in order to help his delegates cover the costs associated with traveling to Tampa for the RNC convention at the end of August.

“I’ve instructed my campaign staff to offer financial assistance to our delegates who otherwise wouldn’t be able to make it in order to ensure every one of them can reach Tampa,” Paul’s email stated. “Can I count on you to please make a generous contribution to help as many of our campaign’s delegates as possible make it to the Republican National Convention?”

The Paul campaign has said they expect to be a big force at the RNC convention this year. An email from Rep. Paul last month noted that even though they only have about 200 bound delegates, they expect to have the verbal support of nearly 500 delegates throughout the convention.

But perhaps Paul supporters should question the wisdom of using their money to send his somewhat controversial fan-base to Tampa. Paul supporters have already proven themselves to be a thoroughly loud and obnoxious bunch, and their affinity for drug legalization is well-known.

During Mitt Romney’s trip to Poland, Paul supporters stalked the Romneys throughout the duration of their trip, shouting and chanting support for Rep. Paul outside of meetings between Mitt Romney on foreign officials.

One can only speculate about the attitude and behavior Paul’s loyal fans will exhibit at a convention where Mitt Romney stands poised to receive the Republican nomination; but if their previous behavior is any indicator, a lot of people will be very unhappy.

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