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“Occupy RNC” Removes Violent References, Hate Speech After Red Alert Article

Occupy the RNC, aka resistRNC, appears to have removed some of the disturbing material from its website in response to the Red Alert Politics (RAP) article exposing the violent nature of content on the group’s site. The site is now blaming a handful of “hypof**kincrites,” including Red Alert Politics for the heightened scrutiny of its potentially criminal behavior.

Two weeks ago, RAP noted that the Occupy RNC website, a site dedicated to organizing a resistence to the Republican National Committee convention in Tampa, FL, contained several violent videos that depicted scenes of vandalism and the firebombing of police. Further reading on the page revealed several chilling statements, including one placed below the violent videos that read, “You must visualize the possibilities to make it a reality. Anything is possible… anything. Happy Action Planning!”

After RAP exposed resistRNC, several other news outlets also reported on the story, including The Blaze and Gateway Pundit.

In response to RAP publishing a detailed report of the violent nature of the Occupy RNC webpage, they created a charming response to our report, titled “Hypof**kingcrites.”

The group’s “response” is merely a serious of nasty comments and remarks towards RAP that also includes violent email responses that various citizens unaffiliated with RAP submitted to resistRNC’s website.

Red Alert Politics condemns any and all of the apparent violent threats listed, and would like to remind our readers that all Americans have the right to protest in a  manner that complies with local laws and ordinances set by the community.

Occupy the RNC also inaccurately accuses RAP of picking up on the story from an independent investigator named Bill Warner.

None of the writers involved in the story have ever heard of Mr. Warner, and it is important to note that Mr. Warner’s piece was published on July 18, 2012, a full week after RAP published our investigative piece on July 11, 2012.

Furthermore, while Red Alert Politics is owned by the same company as the Washington Examiner (WEX), it is a sister publication to the WEX, not a product of WEX.

As of Monday, Occupy the RNC had buried it’s “Hypof**kingcrites” page within its site and removed all videos from their website, making sure to reassure supporters that they are “not organizing actions, especially violent ones. That would just be stupid.” Their note to law enforcement states, “We exist to provide information and facilitate logistics for people resisting the RNC. Don’t f**k with us. We’ll sue you.”

It also substituted this message in place of the violent videos:




The website referenced is presumably Red Alert Politics based on the sites previous references to RAP. It’s important to note that neither RAP nor the other conservative publications and blogs that wrote about the group’s website took the group’s words out of context. We took the group’s words and videos at face value. We’re relieved to know that the group does not plan to firebomb police and has now removed its violent “instructional” videos.

We’ll also choose to take the group at its word that it is not encouraging the use of firearms at its RNC protest despite giving participants directions on how to obtain a concealed carry permit if they do not have one.


Perhaps resistRNC never intended violent action at the upcoming Republican National Convention, but that is in no way the impression that RAP and others came away with after looking at 100 percent of the site. Furthermore, as attendees of said convention we’ll sleep better at night now knowing that this Occupy protest will not be used to incite police violence. 

Francesca Chambers contributed to this report.

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