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Stand up Christie: New video shows N.J. Gov. Chris Christie’s funnier side

A new video highlights some of Gov. Chris Christie’s, R-N.J., funniest moments since taking office in January 2010.

It includes clips from interviews and speeches, in which Christie comments unabashedly about fracking, Snooki and Jersey Shore, and the departure of the New Jersey Nets to Brooklyn, among other issues.

Christie describes the cast of Jersey Shore as “losers” that were “parachuted” into the state, and laughs emit from the crowd in response. He also tells the Nets frankly, “You don’t wanna stay, we don’t want you.”

In one segement, the video shows Christie is not shy to confront interviewers. He addresses everyone bluntly, and in one clip tells a reporter, “You’ve gotta be accurate.”

Back-to-back clips showcase Christie’s repeated use of the phrases “What the hell!” and “Are you kidding?”. The video ends with an enthusiastic “Thank you!” to Christie’s supporters.

Christie’s in-your-face style was out in form more recently, on Thursday night, while he was ordering an ice cream cone at the Jersey Shore, attacking his education policies, according to a video featured by TMZ.

“You’re a real big shot … you’re a real big shot shootin’ your mouth off,” Christie said.

The man shouted back telling Christie to take care of teachers, to which Christie shot back telling the man to “keep walking.”

John Rossomando contributed to this report.

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