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Liberal conference straw poll finds enthusiasm for Obama is down

The straw poll from this week’s Take Back the American Dream Conference show that the left’s hope that President Obama would be a great transformational leader has waned since 2008.

Less than half of the 209 conference attendees said they felt hopeful about the president at 46 percent, while 35 percent expressed dissatisfaction with him and a further 31 percent were concerned  about his performance. Only 11 percent said they were enthusiastic about Obama.

This reflects a national trends reflected in the most recent Gallup poll of the president’s approval numbers that suggests his approval has been slipping partly due to liberal discontent.

When asked whether they  were more or less enthusiastic about Obama this year compared with 2008, only 9 percent said they were more enthusiastic and 33 percent said they were much less enthusiastic. Only 28 percent said their enthusiasm was unchanged.

If the president’s enthusiasm score is low  on election night, it will not bode well for him because enthusiasm decides elections.

And 61 said getting Obama re-elected and recapturing the House of Representatives was  their highest priority. A full 55 percent disagree with how the president has handled the Wall Street crises, while 44 percent approved.

While 90 percent said they would vote for Obama, only 60 percent said their votes would be strongly in favor of the president.


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