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Romney Kicks Off Five Day “Backroads” Bus Tour In New Hampshire

Mitt Romney launched a five day bus tour today starting in Stratham, NH where his presidential campaign kicked off last June. From now until Tuesday, the bus tour will travel to crucial battleground states: New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan.

“We’ll be traveling on what are often called the back roads of America,” Mr. Romney said. “But I think our tour is going to take us along what I’ll call the backbone of America.”

During his speech, Mitt Romney was notably upbeat about America’s prospects. “From now until November, our campaign will carry a simple message: America’s greatest days are yet ahead” he said to a crowd of several hundred people.

During the event, two planes flew over the crowds with two different slogans. One plane flew around with a banner that said “Romney For President 2012.” The second plane flew nearby with a “Romney’s Every Millionaire Counts Tour” banner. The two circled around the entire time the event was going on.

Some of Mitt Romney’s potential vice presidential running mates will be at the campaign stops. In Stratham, potential VP candidate U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) was the first to introduce Mitt Romney. During the second campaign stop in NH, former Minnesota Governor Republican Tim Pawlenty was the first to greet the crowd.

Other potential vice presidential picks joining Romney on the tour, according to the campaign, are Rep. Paul Ryan (R – WI) and Republican Senator Rob Portman of Ohio.

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