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Netroots Nation panelist hopes that one day there is a Planned Parenthood “on every corner in America”

If liberal organization Advocates for Youth has its way, one day there will be an abortion clinic on every corner in America.

That’s right. The organization and its supporters hope that one day abortion clinics will outnumber Starbucks,’ 7-11’s, McDonalds’ and gas stations.

At a progressive conference for bloggers and activists, Netroots Nation, Debra Hauser, Advocates for Youth President, told attendees of a panel on sexual education and abortion that there needed to be a new “culture around abortion” in the United States.

“So you could put a Planned Parenthood– and I hope we do – on every corner in America, and you can have good sex education in the classroom, but if you still have a culture that says sex is negative, sex is bad, sex means death, sex means disease and dying, where we can’t deal with normal adolescent sexual development, where we believe that young people should just say no, then we can’t get to a place where young people can feel confident and comfortable going into that Planned Parenthood or using that information,” she said.

Hausner also lamented that “only” 28 percent of high school students are on birth control or Depo Provera (a birth control shot). “So we have a long way to go,” she added.

The panel, including Slate’s Amanda Marcotte, claimed that sex education doesn’t encourage sex at the beginning of the panel, but then spent the rest of the panel explaining that we need to teach young people that it’s OK to have sex.

“I feel like sometimes a lot of older people feel out – that sex is maybe not as exciting as it was when they were young, and they’re bitter, and they want to take it out on young people, that’s my theory,” Marcotte, who blogs for Slate’s XX Factor, claimed. She pontificated that ‘older’ people try to “shame” those people that are open about their sex lives through social media “and I don’t think that’s acceptable,” she said to cheers from some in the room and shouts of “That’s not true,” from ‘older’ attendees.

Recently Hausner’s organization began a “1 in 3” pro-abortion campaign that intends to “break the cultural stigma and silence around our abortion experiences.” The campaign, which is being promoted through Facebook advertising, encourages women who have had an abortion to speak out about their experience in order to teach people that they shouldn’t be ashamed of their decision. Per Hausner, the organization has received “hundreds” of stories, which she says is an example of how the organization is changing the culture around abortion.

Hausner’s organization should consider changing the culture of abortion in America by convincing it’s own base that abortion is nothing to be ashamed of.

During the Friday keynote luncheon discussing the “2012 and the War on (and for)Women”, Democratic candidate for Congress in Washington’s first district Darcy Burner asked the women in the room whom had once had an abortion to stand up.

Without counting it’s difficult to have an accurate number of the women who responded, but by my approximation, at most 50 members of the 1,000 people in the audience rose. Based on my guesstimate, approximately 8 percent of the women in the room stood up.

By Advocates for Youth’s own statistics, 33 percent of the women in the room had actually received an abortion. Meaning 76 percent of the women in the room who’d had an abortion – at a conference for progressive activists – were not willing to stand up and admit it.

This just goes to show that even members of the far Left don’t buy the argument that abortion is A-OK.

As Hauser, a 20 year veteran of Advocates for Youth, points out, the organization “has a long way to go” before it sees the radical leftist policies it espouses come to pass in America.



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