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Eric Holder’s Basic Awareness Problem

Playing the “clueless” card seems to have become a favored tactic for U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

In a testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, Holder denied that he had prior knowledge of the of the specific tactics used in Operation Fast and Furious, an illegal gun-running ring carried out by ATF.

The operation was initially designed as an effort to track high-profile Mexican gang leaders by illegally providing them with guns that U.S. agents could trace.

However, over 1000 guns that were sold to Mexican cartels remain unaccounted for, and one of the guns has been linked to the murder of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent.

With evidence that multiple reports regarding the details of the Fast and Furious Operation had been sent to Eric Holder’s office, Sen. John Cornyn, (R-Texas) asked Holder why he couldn’t be expected to have known about the Operation Fast and Furious?

Holder testified that his staff reviewed those memos, but he did not receive them because his staff did not think there was a reason to share those reports with him.

In a separate testimony during a House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing on Thursday, Holder also demonstrated ignorance of the practice of requiring an ID to enter most U.S. Federal Courthouses.

As first reported by Politico, when asked by Rep. John Lungren (R-Calif.), “If I were to go to the federal courthouse here in D.C., either as a party or as an attorney, wouldn’t I have to show a government-issued photo ID?” Holder replied, “That’s not been my experience, here in DC. I don’t–you know.”

Rep. Lungren then informed Holder that an ID is required to enter some federal courts in the Unite States, to which Holder again responded that he was not aware of that practice.

Holder also assured those present at the hearing that a photo ID is not required to enter the Headquarters for the Department of Justice, which is kind of scary if this is true (and it’s probably not).

Eric Holder has recently come under fire for his proclaimed lack of knowledge about specific details of the Fast and Furious Operation, and also for his heavy criticisms of voter ID laws. If the U.S. Attorney General is seriously so unaware of what is occurring inside and outside of his department in America, it’s impossible to see how President Barack Obama has not given Eric Holder the boot.


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