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Breitbart is Here in Providence

PROVIDENCE, RI- Despite the Left’s attempts to keep conservative bloggers and social media lovers out of their Netroots Nation host city, last night the Heritage Foundation and the Franklin Center held it’s first-ever Breitbart Awards at the Providence Marriott in Rhode Island.

The awards, created as a way to honor the late Andrew Breitbart’s lasting influence on conservative journalism, were given to three conservative writers who embodied traits Andrew would have appreciated.

Recipients were:

Professional Journalist: Philip Klein @philipaklein of The Washington Examiner (a sister publication to Red Alert Politics) 

Blogger:  Ace of Spades (@AceofSpadesHQ) at  Ace of Spades HQ 

Citizen Journalist: Andrew Marcus (@hatingbreitbart)

In a moving moment during the awards, Franklin Center Director of New Media Tabitha Hale read aloud a statement from Ace of Spades, who could not make the awards, announcing he did not feel he was worthy of the award and was instead giving it to Duane Lester of All American Blogger (@bodhi1), who graciously accepted.

Speakers included, Undefeated & Occupy Unmasked Director Steve Bannon,’s Dana Loesch and Tea Party activist Sonnie Johnson, all of whom told previously untold tales about Andrew’s antics and encouraged conservative bloggers in the room not to stop fighting for what they believed in.

The awards were part of Heritage and Franklin Center’s Future of Journalism Summit taking place Friday and Saturday at the Marriott.

Next weekend a larger group of online activists will meet in Las Vegas for Right Online, the conservative version of Netroots Nation. Follow the hashtag at #RO12 and follow Red Alert’s @fran_chambers & @ameliahammy for live updates.


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