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Live Action exposes Planned Parenthood’s willingness to do sex-selective abortions [Video]

A new video by the pro-life group Live Action has exposed a willingness by Planned Parenthood to perform sex-selective abortions.

In the latest released video, filmed last month, a Live Action actor goes undercover at an Austin, Texas Planned Parenthood clinic where she asks a clinic OB/GYN about aborting her baby if it turns out she is having a girl.

“First of all, the statistics and studies indicate that we are adding to the growing problem across the world of sex-selective targeting of unborn girls for abortion. We are going to be demonstrating — starting with this video from Texas — that the abortion industry in the United States is aiding and abetting this horrific problem,” Live Action President Lila Rose said Monday in an interview with The Daily Caller.

In the video, the Planned Parenthood worker advises the woman to wait for four or five months into her pregnancy before determining if the baby will be a boy or a girl and downplays suggestions that it would be unsafe to have an abortion after 16 week.

“A lot of doctors will place judgment because the brain is already developed a lot, and pretty much everything is developed,” the Planned Parenthood worker says. “We tell them that they really don’t have to see what you are going to do.”

The worker also suggests that the Live Action actor apply for Medicaid and game the system.

When the woman from Live Action turns around and thanks the Planned Parenthood worker for helping her with a sex-selective abortion, the worker says she was trying to be as helpful as possible.

Planned Parenthood responded to the video with a statement to The Huffington Post:

“Planned Parenthood insists on the highest quality patient care, and if we ever become aware of a staff member not meeting these high standards we take swift action. Within three days of this patient interaction, the staff member’s employment was ended and all staff members at this affiliate were immediately scheduled for retraining in managing unusual patient encounters. Today opponents of Planned Parenthood are promoting an edited video of that hoax patient encounter.”

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