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Was Obama’s same-sex marriage flip-flop financially related?

President Obama may have had a financial incentive for publicly reversing himself on same-sex marriage on Wednesday.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that the president’s decision came 48 hours after the Washington Post reported that prominent political donors threatened to withhold donations on account of his stance.

A political adviser to gay philanthropist and leading Democratic fundraiser Jonathan Lewis, told Washington Post blogger Greg Sargent  that a number of gay and progressive donors were refusing to extend their wallets because of his unwillingness to sign an executive order forbidding discrimination against gays and lesbians in federal contracting.

“Now these and other donors are beginning to withhold money from Priorities USA, the main pro-Obama super PAC, out of dismay over the president’s decision,” Sargent wrote. “(Some of these donors have already maxed out to the Obama campaign, I’m told.) It’s the first indication that areas in which Obama is at odds with gay advocates — and in fairness, his record on gay rights has been very good — could dampen overall fundraising.”

According to the Washington Post, at least 20 percent of Obama’s top campaign bundlers, who raise $500,000 and up, publicly identify themselves as gay.

Obama previously reversed himself on Super PACs as being “shadowy groups with harmless sounding names” that threatened to undo our democracy.

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