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Ron Paul: Abolish civil marriage

Rep Ron Paul, R-Texas, responded to President Obama’s announcement that he supports same-sex marriage Wednesday night, telling Fox Business’s Neil Cavuto that government should get out of the marriage business.

“It’s probably politics as usual,” Paul said, explaining his thoughts as to why the president changed his public stance on same-sex marriage. “He probably thought he would get some votes.”

The libertarian congressman, who remains Mitt Romney’s only challenger for the GOP nomination, said the best way to end the fight over same-sex marriage is getting government out of the business of telling people how they should define marriage.

“I would like the state to stay out of marriage,” Paul said. “Marriage should be something that you do in a church, but a voluntary association shouldn’t be interfered with by the state, so I’d just assume that the state not issue licenses or define marriage.

“Let the individual, let two people define marriage. I know it would annoy some people, but it would get rid of this whole debate and we wouldn’t be arguing over the definition of marriage,” Paul continued. “I can have my definition and somebody else can have theirs.”

Paul continued saying that he wants to set a standard by upholding his 55 years of marriage,  but he doesn’t think laws should be written to “mould people’s behavior.”

“I don’t like rules in economic orders, but I don’t like rules in social orders either,” Paul said.

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