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Dick Lugar: Tea Party trespassed on my farm

“[They] had their pictures taken in front of a sign that said, ‘Dick Lugar, tree farmer of the year, 2003,’” Lugar said during a stop at an assisted living facility, speaking from notes to recount the episode to reporters. “Then they had the audacity to put this on their Twitter accounts and Twitter it out … so that everybody would know that these people had trespassed our farm.”

Lugar said his farm fence was “damaged — not badly — but nevertheless [they] came over the fence to get our signs and deliberately put up these signs out on the farm.”

Beth Jones, a member of the Owen County tea party, denied that anyone trespassed on Lugar’s farm. In a written statement, she said that she and several other people not affiliated with the tea party affiliate wanted to “knock on Mr. Lugar’s door” but could not because there was barbed wire surrounding


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