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Rachel Maddow continues her War on Facts with inaccurate wage gap claims


Do men really make more money than women? Rachel Maddow thinks so.

Maddow appeared on Meet the Press Sunday morning to drive home her point, and when GOP consultant Alex Castellanos attempted to prove her wrong using facts, she wouldn’t have any part of it.

Maddow argued that men make $.77 more on the dollar than women and Republicans “don’t believe it’s happening.”

While Maddow is right about the pay rate difference, it seems she suffers from selective hearing disorder.

Without taking any other variables into consideration regarding the pay difference between men and women, it would appear women are in fact disadvantaged.

In reality this is not the case at all. The Department of Labor’s statistics show that full-time working women spend an average of 8.01 hours per day at work, while men spend an average of 8.75 hours per day on the job. Obviously someone who works 9 percent more hours would most likely to earn more money.

The difference in occupations men and women take also affects the amount of money they make.

Women typically select jobs that are more flexible, have regular hours, more comfortable conditions and more personal fulfillment.  Men gravitate toward jobs that include physical labor, outdoor work, overnight shifts and dangerous conditions. Women are more likely to take a lower paying job that has more favorable working conditions. Looking at the wage gap from this standpoint, the gap shrinks and, in some cases, reverses.

Rachel Maddow has once again blatantly chosen to ignore facts that don’t support her argument. Even when confronted on cable television with her inaccuracies, Maddow used reverse psychology to shut down the opposition’s voice and reiterate her talking points on the Republicans so-called “War on Women.”

As Democrats try to make the “War on Women” a national election issue, Rachel Maddow will undoubtedly be leading the charge.

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