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George Zimmerman’s Lawyers Withdraw from Case

From George Zimmerman's website,

George Zimmerman will have to find a new team to defend him in regards to the shooting of Trayvon Martin, because his attorneys withdrew from the case today.

“He has not returned phone calls or text messages or emails leading me to believe that I cannot go forward,” Zimmerman attorney Craig Sonner explained in a press conference today, “because I’ve lost contact with him as of this point. I just can’t proceed to represent a client who doesn’t stay in contact with me.”

Sonner added that he still believes Zimmerman is innocent of murder, but cited the poor communication as a deal-breaker.

Zimmerman’s attorneys added that they were surprised that to hear that their client had launched a website designed to raise money for his defense, because they had begun that effort.

“It has come to my attention that some persons and/or entities have been collecting funds, thinly veiled as my ‘Defense Fund’ or ‘Legal Fund,'” Zimmerman posted on his website. “I cannot attest to the validity of these other websites as I have not received any funds collected, intended to support my family and I through this trying time.”

The attorneys noted that when they discovered that Zimmerman had launched this fundraising effort himself, they suspended their own efforts.

As posted in The Washington Examiner’s “Beltway Confidential” blog.

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