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UPDATED: Malkin to be on Board of National Bloggers Club

A reliable source has revealed to Red Alert Politics that Michelle Malkin has agreed to join the board of directors for a new association for right-of-center bloggers, the National Bloggers Club.

Malkin is a conservative political commentator known for the conservative news and commentary blog Her most recent online venture is the new, popular website Twichy, a Twitter curation site that gathers what people are saying about the latest popular news.

Malkin also recently won the Legacy Award at this year’s Blog Bash at CPAC for her efforts in building the conservative blogoshpere.

In addition to building a high profile board of directors, the National Bloggers Club has already made impressive progress in uniting independent bloggers in the conservative movement for good causes.

Recently they became the first organization to provide photo identification credentials to bloggers for press events. They also started a scholarship for Citizen Journalists, Remember Breitbart, in honor of the late Andrew Breitbart, a supporter of Blog Bash and the National Bloggers Club.

The National Bloggers Club’s goal is to give citizen-journalists access to more professional tools without robbing them of their independence. This all-volunteer effort hasn’t put up a website yet, but they do have a Facebook page you can check out.

The NBC hasn’t officially announced the members of their board but sources promise that they will be quite notable, bringing even more credibility to the organization as whole and to the bloggers associated.

If Malkin is the start, it will be interesting to see who’s next.

UPDATE: Malkin confirmed reports via Twitter this afternoon that she will be joining the National Bloggers Club board.

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