5 Reasons NOT to vote for Newt Gingrich in the Republican Primary

This article is part two of an eight part series on the Top 5 Reasons to Vote For and Against the four remaining presidential candidates.

1. His “grandiose thoughts” are nice in theory, but improbable in reality

I’ve already written about my feelings toward Gingrich’s “grandiose thoughts” (and how I secretly believe he wants a reality show instead of actually being President). But it goes beyond that. Colonizing the moon? At a time when the country is facing disastrous unemployment, Gingrich wants to dump millions of dollars into a federal program to colonize the moon? Besides his ill-thought-out Moon program, there are dozens more examples of policies Gingrich has promised to scrap or change during a Gingrich Administration. Some include the repeal of Obamacare, Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley by January 20, 2013 (his inauguration date), eliminating the EPA, squashing the capital gains tax to 0% and move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. He has big ideas, but are they all just pipe dreams?

2. His debate prowess and rhetoric

For many, this is a giant PRO in the Gingrich column. There’s no doubt Gingrich’s performance in the debates has helped him tremendously and given us some of the best moments of the election cycle thus far. But we shouldn’t be swayed by rhetoric and debate skills alone. That’s how we ended up with this guy. I’d caution Republicans to remember 2008, when they wanted to remind the voting American public not to be swayed by Barack Obama’s slick public speaking skills.

3. His association with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Regardless of whether Gingrich did or didn’t ever lobby for Fanny Mae or Freddie Mac (he says he didn’t) is irrelevant. Being associated with what many believe to be the cause of the 2008 economic crisis is enough to give pause before throwing support behind a candidate. Although Gingrich claims he was hired as a “historian,” recent reports are saying his ties are “deeper than you think.” Republicans eviscerate Democrats like Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and even President Obama for their role with Fannie and Freddie, but they’re willing to overlook it for one of their own? That sort of logic loses elections.

4. He’s tries to be all things to all people

Remember when Gingrich did this climate change commercial with Nancy Pelosi? At the time, Gingrich thought it was a wise move, but has since reneged, saying it was the “dumbest thing” he’s done in the last four years. So why’d he do it? Because it fit his political motives at the time. The same can be said for when he teamed up with Hilary Clinton back in 2005 on Hilarycare.

Reaching across the aisle is a good thing, but coming from Gingrich it doesn’t appear sincere–it appears calculating. He’s been very clear in describing his dislike of President Obama and Obama’s policies.

5. Questionable Ethics

Again, it doesn’t matter a large number of the charges were eventually adjudicated. As Speaker of the House of Representatives, he was brought up on ethics violations in the 1990s for misuse of tax-exempt funds. He still paid $300,000 and was forced to admit he “engaged in conduct unfitting to the House of Representatives,”for misleading the Ethics committee. Not to mention, his affair with then-House staffer, now-wife Callista Gingrich, happening in the midst of the Clinton Impeachment. Which brings me to his divorces. I’m not casting judgment on him. Everyone makes mistakes. But when you have two ex-wives and a very public affair, there’s going to be massive scrutiny over your background. Coupled with the ethics investigation, there’s little doubt Gingrich has questionable scruples.

BONUS: Pets with Newt

There are no words for this. It alone should be a disqualifying factor to be President of the United States.




  1. Marlene says:

    Is this a serious piece of journalism or is it a prank? Do you even know what journalistic ethics are? I thought pitiful, shameless hit pieces were things of those on the left.
    Let’s start by saying, grandiose? You’re talking about a man who came to D.C. in 1976 and was apalled by the Republican’s being ok with ceding the House to the Democrats and have the “play along to get along” attitude and wallow in the status quo. He lead the Republican Revolution that won the first Republican majority in forty years and when he became Speaker, there had not been a Republican Speaker since 1928.
    Newt balanced the budget four years in a row. That was the only time it has been done in our lifetime and it hasn’t been done since. He was able to get welfare reform passed by not giving in to Bill Clinton. The Democrat’s said had Bob Dole not caved they were within 24hrs of giving in to demands that would’ve gotten deeper cuts with Medicare and Medicaid. He was able to fight to create over 11 million jobs and brought down unemployment to 4.2% He reformed legislation on national security that was later used in the 9/11 comission.
    The Chinese and Indians are rushing to get into space to get the upper hand over world dominance. We need to get back into the program as a matter of national security. So your mocking of having a space program once again is juvenile, at best.
    You are falsely claiming that he has sanctions and was charged with ethics violations. Again, false. The 84 charges brought up against him were bogus, trumped up charges introduced by Democrat, David Bonior. Speaker Gingrich was cleared of any wrong doing. The $300k was paid to clear his name. The IRS found he had done nothing wrong, but refused to return his money. How nice. The fact that the Romney camp has to use these falsehoods in order to win instead of running on his own record say’s a lot about his lack of character and leadership.
    I find it amusing that while Santorum and Romney have been bickering like school girls, the former Speaker has been taking the fight to Obama on a slew of issues such as: Obama apologizing for our troops, high gas prices, energy production, waste and spending, foreign policy, national security, infrastructure, etc. Obama even had to defend himself in Miami due to Gingrich’s comments and then mocked him as the algae president. Today, Jay Carney had to defend soaring gas prices and the call by Gingrich for the “anti-energy” secretary’s firing. The others do not have that ability to launch psyop’s on Obama as Newt Gingrich has. Romney is actually the one that will say and do whatever is necessary to get elected. He has no backbone and stutters more than he speaks. No disrespect, but it’s a fact. He is not honest in his convictions and will get hammered by Obama’s machine. Only Newt Gingrich will crush Obama in a debate. Why did the others refuse to debate him again? If they’re afraid to debate Gingrich, how will they debate Obama or stand up tp radical Islam? They offer no confidence by backing away from the fight.
    This isn’t a beauty contest.Our future as a country is in peril. If Romney’s only way of winning is by tearing down his opponents instead of building himself up and running on his record, then we may as well be handing another four years to Obama. Enough with the petty nonsense and look up the facts, which are all public knowledge. You say he only talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk? No, he’s done more for this country than any of the other three candidates combined. Again, public knowledge and factual.
    In parting, the reason the RINO’s are against him. They wanted to get back to their spending and he stood in their way. John Boehner lead the coup to oust the Speaker in ’96 with the help of Bob Dole and others. Dick Armey was disgusted by their backstabbing and informed Gingrich of their plan. He decided to step down rather than deal with cannibals in his own party even though he had been handily elected. You do his work for our country a disservice and you make yourself look like a hack and smear machine with no standards. There is nothing wrong in telling the truth and using facts. You can fight your opponent more intelligently by doing so. Integrity and self respect should still matter in our country or all is lost.
    Please use a high ethical standard when writing or don’t bother to call yourself a writer and much less a journalist. A guilty conscience makes for a hard pillow.

    1. Brandon says:

      Well said!!!

      1. Auth says:

        no taxes and that sounds so good to his lmmnieg followers that they won’t even hesitate for a minute to think about what it means. Ron Paul is full of vacuous promises to make his rodents happy. And that’s why he is soon going to be a complete failure and totally redundant.And the biggest problem resulting from that is not Ron Paul’s problem. It becomes the people’s problem because they were stupid enough to let the old fool go on harping about unrealistic pie in the sky promises, while Rome burned.But there is hope! It lies in the 99% protests. Ron Paul says he supports them because they are victims but Ron Paul is the biggest problem of all right now. He’s convinced people to waste time and tread water in hopes of electing him. And all their dreams will come crashing down along with Ron Paul.Congratulations you idiots, you are playing right into the Republican agenda.

    2. Tendani says:

      their wasn’t enough money, but there was no less reurcoses, no less actual wealth it was a shortage in money supplies to the masses. That is like a builder going to a construction site and they say sorry you can’t work today we have no inches we have all the equipment, the reurcoses and the man power to build, but were short of inches One day you will understand you have been brainwashed to believe his ideas are pie in the sky!If you settle for what they tell you, you lose! If you allow the TV programs to teach you, you lose! If you think for yourself, read and understand how the economical and social models currently work you will prosper!One must truly practise Socratic wisdom in order to fully understand the chains and boundaries our social and economic models have created.

  2. Marlene says:

    Why was my comment not posted?

    1. Editorial Staff says:

      No intention of not posting your comment, we just don’t normally read and post comments in the middle of the night because we are asleep . . . I just happened to be pulling an all-nighter on the site and saw your comment. I wanted to make sure you knew we appreciated your readership and your comments.

      In response to your comment, please understand that this is a commentary piece/article, not a news article. Furthermore, it was part of a set of articles, as was mentioned at the top of it. We are publishing a list of 5 reasons to vote FOR and to NOT vote for each of the four remaining GOP candidates. Therefore it is not an unfair hit piece – every candidate will get their Pro and Con list this week. It’s a totally fair process.

      I also wanted to clarify that most of Red Alert’s writers are not “journalists” by trade. For the most part they are young people who work at conservative organizations nationwide or are still in school and contribute to Red Alert in their free time. Red Alert is meant to be a place where young conservatives and Republicans can engage and have dialogue with other young conservatives and Republicans.

      I’m sorry you didn’t like the piece, I hope you enjoy reading the Top 5 Reasons to Vote for Newt!

      1. David says:

        yeah okay that’s why he’s winning in the polls. Ron Paul is a GODDAMN AMERICAN PATRIOT who has spent his entrie life fighting to protect your rights, rights you really don’t deserve. And he’s still fighting for them. And you’re here calling him an old fart in a nursing home? Well if you hate a man who stands for nothing but freedom, why don’t you fuck off outta here and go to some country where there is no constitution to protect your rights you seem to not care about

    2. Rana says:

      How about a campaign to get fair cgvreaoe from CNN?I left email with both CNN and Anderson Cooper expressing my disappointment with the way the Ron Paul was denied his closing statement in tonight’s debate in Vegas. I also left a phone comment as well at: 404-827-1500.Then after making my online donation, I called the CNN breaking news line at: 404-827-1500, and informed them of the breaking news that Ron Paul’s money bomb had raised about $100,000 in about 38 minutes.I suggest that all Ron Paul supporters flood CNN with both comments and breaking news about the money bomb.By the way, here are my email comments to CNN and Anderson Cooper:Dear Anderson Cooper,As an registered voter, I thought it was totally shameful the way the you denied Ron Paul his closing statement in tonight’s debate in Vegas. I further observed that you pretended that Ron Paul doesn’t exist during your cgvreaoe in the spin room which is where you should have been issuing an on-air apology to Ron Paul, and the viewers of the debate. I urge you to do the right thing and give Ron Paul a five minute segment on CNN tomorrow to explain how he will defeat Obama in the 2012 election. Furthermore, I urge you to also give Ron Paul a ten minute segment to explain the details of his Restore America plan… It’s the only fair and right thing to do… Do the right thing!!!

  3. test1234 says:

    Incredible! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a completely different subject but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Great choice of colors!

    1. Kopok says:

      Marc, if you are a homeowner you know that your PROPERTY taxes aldeary pay for schools. Think about everything you mentioned, except national parks, Fed taxes do not pay for those things. Check out some Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize Winner, he is a renowned economist who was in favor of tax abolitionism and free markets which in every instance throughout history led to a more prosperous society. when you put equality before freedom, you get neither, when you put freedom before equality, you get a great deal of both Socialism and over taxing leads to NO middle class as we see in most third world country dictatorships, and many societies throughout history, leading to very poor and very rich only. It’s very interesting, check it out.

  4. Kavi says:

    The revolution will not be tveeeisld.People we need to start campaigning on our own. Make/buy yard signs and place them all around your hometown. Be creative. Be simple. The truth is simple. Encourage others to look at Dr. Paul’s record in comparison to the other candidates.It is clear that the population will not be seeing Dr. Paul on their television screens. If we want this guy to win we need to spread the word on our own. We need to do something on our own. The media, the powers that be, rely on our laziness and complacency to remain in power.This is not the time to be complacent. I don’t have to start in on the state of our country and how I want a better world for my children’s children.The time is now.The revolution will not be tveeeisld.Ron Paul 2012The Change You Wanted.