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Bottlenose: A Social Media Lover’s Dream

Bottlenose, a new social media tool, bills itself as a “smarter way to surf the stream.”  How do we manage our twitter, LinkedIn, facebook and Google+ without information overload or important information getting lost in the shuffle?

Bottlenose cofounder Nova Spivack describes the surge in social media content as a “new era of social network chaos.” According to Spivack this “Sharepocalypse” is causing the Stream 3.0 Problem: as social media streams become more noisy and important, they become harder to use.

Currently, Bottlenose still in beta form and is only compatible with facebook and twitter, but the application has the future potential to become the end all be all for social media management.

At first glance, Bottlenose looks similar to Hootsuite or Tweetdeck, but is much better at organizing large quanities of content. It gives users the option of merging all your social media streams into one feed (but leaves the multi-frame option) and then filters the messages into categories like news, videos and pictures.

Fortunately for social media power users, Bottlenose released an upgraded version last week. The new three-panel layout is a substantial improvement and allows users to see my favorite function, the sonar map.

Sonar is one of the most efficient ways to search and digest the ever-changing social media conversation. On a map that looks exactly like the features name suggests, users can search by screen name, message type, topic, hashtag and adjust the view depending on how much detail is wanted. It allows users to view the change in conversation by hour, day, week or month, making it easier to detect and navigate trends. It’s a brand-new way of visualizing how topics are related without the rapid scrolling.

Bottlenose takes more time to customize than simpler applications like Twitter. And although users cannot link multiple accounts from one application or schedule posts, if you are a social media user who has a large audience or follow a large number of people, Bottlenose may be your solution.

Overall, Bottlenose optimizes the social media experience by tailoring it to users and reducing the manual labor of participating in social networks. It allows you to subscribe to a slice of a person’s feed to avoid seeing topics you have no interest in, like what someone had for breakfast. Automation features make searches less overwhelming by tagging your posts so they can be found easily and even “learns” your interests based on what you “like” and post.

To start using Bottlenose you will need a high Klout score or an invite code. You can also ask current users for an invitation via twitter. To learn more about how to use Bottlenose, check out Tinu Abayomi-Paul’s excellent tutorial and the official Bottlenose tour and video.

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