Malia Obama interning on 'Girls'

Malia Obama has landed a summer internship on the set of HBO's raunchy show Girls during which she'll be working with actress and proud feminist Lena Dunham, according to a report in US Weekly.

George Takei apologizes to Clarence Thomas

In a message posted to Facebook Friday afternoon, actor and gay rights advocate George Takei apologized to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for heatedly labeling him a "clown in blackface."

Hillary flaunts her celebrity friends

We already knew that Hillary Clinton was tight with Hollywood's music stars, but the Democratic presidential candidate appears to have several celebrity friends that she is just dying to show off on social media.

Obama likens GOP primary to Hunger Games

Ever the Hollywood fan, President Obama made a clever cinematic reference during his remarks on the economy in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, Thursday afternoon.

Takei: Thomas a 'clown in blackface'

Actor George Takei is not shy about his anger towards Clarence Thomas in the wake of the Supreme Court justice's dissent in the court's decision to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide last week.


Rubio calls for major changes to higher education
Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio’s first policy speech of his 2016 campaign focused on a topic near and dear to young voters — higher education. Rubio pushed Tuesday for a total reinvention of the higher education system, including creating a new university accreditation process, giving more students access to information before they take out student loans, […]
Iowans try to recruit 'Kayakers for Hillary'

Volunteers for the Hillary Clinton campaign in Iowa are trying out a new method of grassroots organizing, in the form of "Kayakers for Hillary."

Trump once sued so he could have biggest flag
How much does Donald Trump love America? Almost as much as he loves himself…and suing people. The contentious GOP candidate has a long history of saying whatever is on his mind no matter how blunt it may be — but has an even longer history of suing anyone or anything that gets in his way. […]
Scott Walker and family disagree on gay marriage
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is gearing up for his presidential campaign where he will have to defend his views on a number of issues to formidable opponents, but right now, it’s his own family that is  disagreeing with Walker. In an interview with the Washington Post, Walker’s wife Tonette shared the divide in their family over gay marriage. […]
Pataki wants to debate Trump 'mano a mano'
Former New York Gov. George Pataki (R) has been gaining little traction since announcing his candidacy for the Republican nomination.  So in the hopes of attracting some attention, Pataki has challenged Trump to debate immigration “mano a mano.” During a campaign stop in New Hampshire Monday, Pataki called on Trump to rise above the insults and […]


NYT, Stephen Moore change story on Scott Walker
After the New York Times reported that Scott Walker told Heritage Foundation scholar Stephen Moore in a phone call that he was “not going nativist” on immigration, Moore now says that phone call never actually happened. The claim about the phone call, published in the Times on Thursday, was not well-received by Walker’s staff. Aides to the […]
Holder: DOJ may strike deal with Snowden

Is the Justice Department softening on Snowden?

Border battle isn't about Donald Trump
Donald Trump’s comments that immigrants are bringing “crime, drugs, rapists, and some good people” has Democrats energized. They can finally associate criticism of illegal immigration to a polarizing figure like Trump. Occupy Democrats taped a Mexican day laborer responding to Trump’s allegations and liberal sites like Think Progress touted it as “devastating” to Trump and […]
Teacher fired for lesson on free speech
This won’t be a lesson his students will soon forget. An Illinois high school teacher stepped on the American flag in class to prove a point about free speech. But the teacher ended up proving an entirely different point after he was fired for the exercise. WGNTV.com reported: Jordan Parmenter taught at Martinsville Junior-Senior High School. He […]
Christie gets slammed, called 'anti-gun'
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) announced last Tuesday that he was running for the Republican nomination for President, but in less than a week he’s already drawing negative attention from many on the right. Conservatives have been wary of Christie since his infamous hug with President Obama in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, but on […]


Washington cuts state university tuition
Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed an unprecedented bill Monday that would cut tuition at all of Washington’s public college and universities over the next two years. The College Affordability Program will have four-year schools see their tuition cut by 15 to 20 percent, and two-year schools see tuition drop by 5 percent, the Associated Press reported.  Tuition is set […]
Teacher fired for lesson on free speech
This won’t be a lesson his students will soon forget. An Illinois high school teacher stepped on the American flag in class to prove a point about free speech. But the teacher ended up proving an entirely different point after he was fired for the exercise. WGNTV.com reported: Jordan Parmenter taught at Martinsville Junior-Senior High School. He […]
U of Minnesota adopts 'yes means yes' rule
The University of Minnesota has become the latest school to join the bandwagon “yes means yes” sexual assault policy movement. This new rule requires students to obtain “affirmative consent” from their sexual partners during all types of sexual activities or risk being ­disciplined for sexual assault, the Star-Tribune reported.  This type of rule has become trendy and […]
Confederate statue on UNC campus vandalized
Continuing a trend that has crossed campuses across the South, “Silent Sam,” a statue depicting a Confederate soldier on the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill’s campus, was defaced over the weekend with the now-popular phrase, “Black Lives Matter.” The statue was originally put up on campus in 1913 as a memorial to the more than 300 […]
Prof. fired for using profanity, sexual humor
A professor at Louisiana State University was recently fired after a 20-year career at the university for using profanity and sexual humor in the classroom. Teresa Buchanan, a tenured professor of elementary education, was officially terminated on June 19 after a lengthy investigation by the university. Buchanan has said she is the victim of a […]


Reid wants more background checks for gun sales
Even though he is in the twilight of his Senate career, Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is looking to pass a major gun control bill that will expand background checks for gun purchases. The Hill reported that Reid is looking to use the recent massacre in Charleston to advance gun control. “The United States is […]
GOP holds hearing on Millennials and #GOPFuture
Stopping just short of asking, “So what are the kids up to these days,” the House Republican Policy Committee held a formal hearing Tuesday afternoon to better understand how to reach out and connect with Millennials – the generation characteristically pegged as being  not interested in politics. The hearing was held in the Rayburn House office building, […]
Another House Dem calls on Pelosi to resign
Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) has become the third Democrat this year to call for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to step down from her leadership post. Yarmuth aired his grievances Monday, commenting that three of the top House Democrat leaders are getting old and out of touch. “We have to be willing to step aside. I […]
Rep. Stefanik: Millennials 'up for grabs' in 2016
Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) is the youngest woman ever to be elected to Congress and, accordingly, is leading the charge for the GOP’s appeal to millennials. Stefanik, 30, appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Tuesday morning to discuss her new place in Congress and the hearing she will hold later today for the Republican Policy Committee on reaching […]
Who does Nancy Pelosi want on the new $10 bill?
In news that should surprise no one, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is weighing in on the debate surrounding the new $10 bill and the female face to go on it. Pelosi brought up the news at her daily press briefing Thursday, Time reported, and offered her suggestion for the woman to be honored — […]

From Around the Web

Liberal claims Instagram filters are racist
Liberal writer Morgan Jenkins, who has found racism in Hollywood, publishing, Starbucks, the news, and even films that feature light-skinned black actors, now informs us that there is a quiet racism in Instagram. Jenkins believes that some of Instagram’s filters alter women of color’s appearance beyond recognition, continuing what she perceives as photography’s long racist tradition. […]
There's now a 'feminist coloring book'

A “feminist coloring book” now exists, wherein you can vent your frustrations about various manifestations of the patriarchy—like how “we live in a world that is so sexist that women still can’t wear pants on public restroom signs.”

Shaggy: ISIS wouldn't kill people if they liked reggae
Shaggy knows that it takes more than catching a person red-handed to change his behavior. He’s been through it enough times to get what it takes to change a person for the better. So if anyone can solve the ISIS crisis, it’s Shaggy. As Shaggy told the Miami New Times, “If they’re listening to Shaggy music or reggae music, they’re not going […]
SC Senate votes to remove flag from Statehouse
COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — The South Carolina Senate voted Monday to pull the Confederate flag off the Capitol grounds, clearing the way for a historic measure that could remove the banner more than five decades after it was first flown above the Statehouse to protest integration. A second vote will be needed Tuesday to send […]
The worst places to make a living in 2015
Everyone knows the old saying “the grass is always greener on the other side,” but if you live in one of these states the other side may just be greener after all – as in the money kind of green. USA Today has published a list of the “10 worst states in America to make […]