Stewart downplays private Obama meeting
Jon Stewart insists that his quiet meetings with Obama weren’t that different from how most of his meetings go—with Obama basically saying, “Jon, why are you such an a—hole.” Politico reported earlier this week that Obama has twice called Stewart to the White House for private meetings where the president tried to sell Stewart on his agenda. […]
Tina Fey: Trump is 'great for comedy'
She is best known for her impersonation of Sarah Palin in the 2008 election, but Tina Fey says she’s found a new source of inspiration this time around. His name is Donald Trump, and you might know him from the tastefully placed signs tacked onto the sides of some skyscrapers, which it turns out, are not loved by […]
Jon Stewart mocks Obama's Kenya trip
Jon Stewart had a few problems with Obama’s Kenya trip—like how he lectured them on gay rights and women’s rights…despite the fact that Obama stayed totally mum on human rights abuses during a previous trip to Saudi Arabia. He was also amused by the passive aggression exhibited by Obama family members whom he did not […]
Obama's secret meetings with Jon Stewart
The “most open and transparent administration in history” already has quite the reputation for stonewalling and bullying the press. It’s little surprise that the president was also in the practice of secretly cajoling the Daily Show into plugging his agenda. A new Politico report reveals that Barack Obama twice called Jon Stewart to the White House for secret meetings—a process Stewart jokingly compared […]
Oliver blasts mandatory minimums
John Oliver spent Sunday night highlighting the tragic effects of senselessly harsh mandatory minimum sentences–sentences, he noted, which were once enthusiastically pushed by Democrats like Bill Clinton. In one case, Weldon Angelos, a twenty-something nonviolent first-time offender, received 55 years with no parole for selling a small amount of marijuana to an informant, simply because he happened […]


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Poll: Clinton at all-time low favorability rating
The latest Quinnipiac University poll shows that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton could win their primaries, but a general election would prove a tougher slog. Donald Trump received 20 percent support from polled Republicans, but 30 percent of Republicans said they would “definitely not” support him, according to the July 23-28 poll. Scott Walker finished […]
Former Va. governor becomes 17th GOP candidate
In case anyone thought the Republican Party needed more candidates for the presidential nomination, today brings good news. Jim Gilmore, the former governor of Virginia, has filed paperwork to become the 17th candidate for the Republican nomination. “The race is not jelling around the other candidates. It just isn’t,”Gilmore told the Washington Examiner. “Now I […]
Perry challenges Donald Trump to a pull-up contest
Unable to beat Donald Trump (R) in the polls, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) is hoping to beat him in the gym. The Hill reported that during a Q&A segment on Wednesday at the Yale Club, Perry was asked by a Daily Mail reporter how he will respond to Trump’s claim that the governor lacked […]
N.J. law could force Christie to defend RFRA
Republican 2016 candidate Gov. Chris Christie may be put on the spot if a bill retaliating against religious freedom laws makes it through the New Jersey state legislature. The recently introduced bill would prohibit state-sponsored travel to any state that has a religious freedom law but does not have an anti-discrimination law. If enacted, the […]
Sanders favors less immigration
Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders recently sat down with Ezra Klein of the progressive website Vox and discussed his various positions. While most of his answers read like they came straight from the Communist Manifesto, Sanders shocked Klein by revealing he is a restrictionist on immigration. Klein asked Sanders if they could solve international poverty […]


St. Louis to take major vote on UberX
St. Louis, the largest city in the U.S. to ban UberX, may let the car service company operate if the Metropolitan Taxicab Commission votes to make changes to the current taxi code. The Daily Caller reported that the main contention lied with Uber’s insurance, drug policies, and safety standards, but the MTC may be willing […]
Jindal wants guns in movie theaters
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal  joined his fellow Republican presidential candidate former Texas Gov. Rick Perry in supporting the idea that people should be allowed to carry guns everywhere, including movie theaters. The Hill reported that Jindal made these comments in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer when the host asked him if he agreed with […]
Feminist bashes liberal media over PP videos
Camille Paglia, well-known feminist author and devoted contrarian, has taken to bashing the liberal media’s “shockingly unprofessional” failure to cover the viral series of undercover videos of Planned Parenthood officials enthusiastically haggling over aborted baby parts. In part one of a three-part interview with Salon (to whom she loves to give periodic lengthy interviews) Paglia […]
The dirty politics of the beer industry
An industry report makes the argument that beer is a strong component of the American economy, but it unintentionally highlights the hunt for subsidies and special favors from state and federal governments. According to the report, “Beer Serves America,” commissioned by the Beer Institute and National Beer Wholesalers Association, the beer industry generates $253 billion […]
Senate Dems are reaching out to gun dealers
Having failed repeatedly to expand gun control in Congress, including background checks, Senate Democrats are hoping to appeal directly to gun retailers. Senate Democrats are looking to gun retailers, including Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops, in hopes of convincing them of tightening their policies. They are asking the stores not to sell to people who have […]


Rutgers professor: U.S. is more brutal than ISIS
A professor at Rutgers University believes that the United States is more brutal than ISIS. Deepa Kumar is an associate professor of media studies at Rutgers and author of Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire. Kumar posted a controversial tweet back in March that recently resurfaced when the website SoCawlege discovered it and Fox News ran a segment on it. “Yes […]
Student banned from campus for social media posts
A student at Texas Christian University has been banned from campus and charged with disorderly conduct and inflicting “emotional harm” as a result of his controversial social media posts. After the Baltimore riots in April, TCU student Harry Vincent posted on Facebook, calling the rioters “hoodrat criminals” who receive government benefits. He also tweeted some insensitive opinions about […]
University: the word 'American' is problematic
Using the word “American” is now problematic according to the University of New Hampshire’s bias-free language guide that was reported on by Campus Reform. “An integral part of UNH’s mission is to continue to build an inclusive learning community, and the first step toward our goal is an awareness of any bias in our daily language,” says […]
Congressman Brat: Sanders 'is wrong' on education
Congressman David Brat (R.,VA.) showed a group of young conservatives why 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders’ political socialism and free college platform is incompatible. Brat, the economist turned politician, spoke about how free market principles connect with education policy during the Young Americas Foundation’s National Conservative Student Conference on Tuesday evening. Brat said in […]
GWU drops admissions test requirements
George Washington University is the most recent school to drop admissions test requirements for prospective students. “SAT/ACT scores will be considered an ‘optional’ credential, and students may decide whether they will submit their scores to GW to be included in their application,” the university’s new policy reads. The policy assures students that they will not be […]


Boehner unconcerned about resolution to topple him
During a press conference yesterday, John Boehner took a nonchalant approach toward efforts to oust him from his speaker of the House position. Representative Tim Meadows’s resolution for Boehner to vacate his seat didn’t stir Boehner to have a discussion, even. “You got a member here and a member there who are off the reservation,” […]
GOP Congressman wants Boehner to vacate his chair
A North Carolina Republican proposed a resolution to oust John Boehner his position as speaker of the House of Representatives, but it’s unlikely to have the desired effect. Representative Mark Meadows introduced a resolution that would remove Boehner and declare the position vacant. In the resolution, Meadows accuses Boehner of trying to consolidate power and […]
Penn. Rep. Fattah indicted in racketeering case
PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A longtime Philadelphia congressman who was indicted Wednesday paid off a campaign loan with charitable donations and federal grants, funneled campaign money to pay down his son’s student loan debt and disguised a lobbyist’s bribe as payment for a car he never sold, federal prosecutors said. Democratic U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah and […]
Congress to strip D.C.'s sanctuary city status
America may have one less sanctuary city if a new bill in the Republican-controlled U.S. House becomes law. The Daily Caller reported that Rep. Louie Gohmert’s (R-Texas) new proposal, called the “Safer D.C. Act,” would require city officials to report information to the Department of Homeland Security to determine the immigration status of anyone arrested […]
Kate Steinle's father testified before U.S. Senate
Jim Steinle, the father of Kathryn Steinle, a young woman murdered in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant, testified before the U.S. Senate on Tuesday about closing loopholes in sanctuary cities. Kathryn’s murderer had been deported five times before her murder, but was allowed to stay in San Francisco due to their sanctuary city policy […]

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Lena Dunham outraged over legal sex work
Lena Dunham, tl;dr: making money from selling off aborted baby parts is great, but making money from consensual sex should get you thrown in jail. Dunham and a host of other Hollywood elites, including Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep, and Kate Winslet, are protesting Amnesty International’s recent announcement that they support the decriminalization of consensual sex work. Amnesty […]
People enjoy life more with more economic freedom
A new study argues that, simply, economic freedom leads to a happier populace. The Frasier Institute, a Toronto-based think tank, recently released “Economic Freedom, Individual Perceptions of Life Control, and Life Satisfaction,” a study that analyzes how economic freedom influences an individual’s life. The study notes,“The well-being associated with economic freedom is valued by people […]
Fusion trolls on twitter about 'illegal immigrant'
Fusion has stepped up their trolling by creating a Twitter bot to try to shame people into not using the word “illegal immigrant.” Patrick Hogan and Jorge Rivas wrote an article on Fusion Tuesday and declared that it is no longer socially acceptable to use the terms “illegal immigrant” or “illegal alien” to label — well –illegal […]
Statues of Kim Jong Il boom across North Korea
Kim Jong Il has returned to North Korea with a vengeance. “Great Successor” Kim Jong Un, the third-generation totalitarian, has overseen a large build-up of new statues of his father across the country. Most new statues have been additions, placing Kim Jong Il next to his father, Kim Il Sung, where Sung previously stood alone. […]
Las Vegans concerned about unregulated fake trees
This week, the brave journalists of the Las Vegas Sun called attention to an important lack of government oversight: nobody is regulating fake palm trees. Last Saturday afternoon, a fire ravaged the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas hotel, ripping through the luxury cabanas at the 3,000-room resort. The fire lasted 30 minutes, leaving one person hospitalized. In the aftermath, investigators surmised […]