WH wants climate change 'Frozen' spinoff
Sorry, Anna. That snowman might not be possible in the new, evil, climate change-wrecked world of the Obama administration’s “Frozen” spinoff. According to The Hill, a State Department official recently met with Disney to discuss the idea of using “Frozen’s” characters to teach children about the impact of global warming on the polar bear. Robert Papp, […]
Dylan: 'Gov. not going to create jobs'
Bob Dylan’s latest quote is music to a conservative’s ears. Dylan gave an interview this week to AARP The Magazine to promote his new record “Shadows in the Night,” but that somehow led into some wise words on the government and job creation. “As long as there’s suffering, you can only be so happy. How can […]
Kid Rock tells off Michael Moore

Amid the chorus of protest raining upon Michael Moore (and to a lesser extent, Seth Rogen) -- veterans, country stars, the general public -- Kid Rock may have sounded the loudest note of all.

Stewart bashes GOP 2016 field

Stewart is pretty dismayed by all the “fresh new faces 2016 has in store for us.” Like Mitt Romney, “the once and future not-president.”

Fallon's SOTU pros and cons list

Jimmy Fallon helpfully compiled a pros and cons list from last night's State of the Union Address.

White House

7 Times Obama was ‘Partisan,’ Not ‘Practical’ during his State of the Union address
Near the beginning of his State of the Union address Tuesday night, President Obama promised to be “practical, not partisan” in his proposals to Congress. However, his speech ended up being anything but. From cracking jokes to outright veto threats, it was clear that the president had no interest in bipartisanship. So we decided to […]
Obama has been reminding Republicans ‘I won’ for 2,189 days

President Obama trotted out one of his favorite talking points against Republicans yet again Tuesday night, reminding the opposition party that "I won."

Republican businesswoman Carly Fiorina challenges WH hypocrisy on equal pay for women

Carly Fiorina, the first woman to run a Fortune 20 company and former Republican Senate nominee in California, took on Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, telling Jarrett she is “struck” by the White House’s failure to live up to its own standards for pay equity for their staff.

Obama fails to mention $60B price tag of his ‘free’ community college proposal in State of the Union address
President Obama was quick to tout his grand idea of “free” community college during his State of the Union address Tuesday night, all while ignoring the actual cost of the program on American taxpayers. “By the end of this decade, two in three job openings will require some higher education — two in three.  And yet, […]
Mitt Romney tears into Obama’s State of the Union speech

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who at times has been emboldened by the fulfillment of assessments and predictions he made during his campaign, tore into President Obama State of the Union address late Tuesday night.


Senate surpasses its 2014 vote total in a week
Is this what the Senate looks like without Harry Reid in charge? The new Republican-led Senate has already voted on more amendments in just one week than the Democratic-controlled Senate voted on in all of 2014. “We’ve actually reached a milestone here that I think is noteworthy for the Senate. We just cast our 15th roll-call vote […]
Whistleblowers denounce DOJ juvenile program

According to whistleblower reports, a Justice Department (DOJ) juvenile delinquency program provided grants to states jailing foster children and runaways over minor offenses like skipping school.

Gohmert: Obama 'divisive on the issue of race'

There’s a reason reporters clamored around former-House-Speaker-candidate Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.) at the State of the Union like this:

Rand Paul slams SOTU’s ‘lack of sincerity’ on NSA

Senator Rand Paul spent Wednesday morning blasting Obama’s State of the Union address, telling a roomful of conservatives at the Capitol Hill Club that “Some of the stuff, frankly, was difficult to even listen to and keep a straight face.”

Alexander: Obama ignored American people in SOTU
Sen. Lamar Alexander (R – Tenn.) hit the nail on the head in his response to President Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday night. “I think the President ought to give two state of the union addresses. We pretty well heard the first one, the one with things Congress wouldn’t ever do. We need […]


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Female vet shamed for parking veterans spot
This is one of the worst cases of “judging a book by its cover” that we’ve ever heard… When Wilmington, N.C. resident Mary Claire Caine went to the grocery store last Friday, she was excited to pull into one of the reserved “Veteran Parking” spaces. As a veteran of the Air Force who served in Kuwait […]
In which Will Ferrell gets tackled by 'security'

Will Ferrell has come full circle from being a fictional basketball superstar to being a fictional belligerent basketball fan.

Are millennials looking to move to the suburbs?
You’ve heard the stereotypes. Millennials are whiny, entitled, lazy, unemployed, and, now, likely to be future suburban dwellers. A new survey released Wednesday by the National Association of Home Builders and first reported by the Wall Street Journal found that most eventually want to live in single-family homes outside of the urban center, even if right […]
Youth, thousands gather in DC for March for Life

WASHINGTON (AP) - Tens of thousands of Americans who oppose abortion, many of them young Catholics, are in Washington for the annual March for Life.

DOJ: No Civil Rights Charges on Ferguson

THE NEW YORK TIMES -- The Justice Department has begun work on a legal memo recommending no civil rights charges against a white police officer in Ferguson, Mo., who killed an unarmed black teenager in August, law enforcement officials said.


The crash and burn of SkyMall
Now they're closing SkyMall?! WHEN WILL THESE NASA CUTBACKS STOP?— SarcasticRover (@SarcasticRover) January 23, 2015 Frankly, Skymall's bankruptcy is our fault, for just pointing and laughing and never actually ordering this: pic.twitter.com/zVF4eazCer— Josh Barro (@jbarro) January 23, 2015 The company behind SkyMall, the take-it-home-with-you in-flight catalogue that has facilitated the daydreaming of countless travelers trapped […]
Craigslist seller asking $500K for Charlie Hebdo
For millions around the world,  the record sales of Charlie Hebdo and the Twitter campaign #JeSuisCharlie was a means of showing support for freedom of speech after a series devastating terrorist attacks, but for several enterprising Craigslist sellers, it’s also a means of turning a quick buck. The New York Village Voice reported that people were selling […]
GOP Sen.: Obamacare lowers work ethic
Sen. Lamar Alexander (R- Tenn) argued Thursday that Obamacare’s definition of a 30-hour work week as full-time was lowering work ethic in the United States. “It is a strange definition — one that sounds more like France than the United States,” Alexander, the Health Committee Chairman, said during a hearing.   The Senate is taking up a […]
NRA fires back at Bryant Gumbel's 'pig' comments
Being called “a curse upon the American landscape” isn’t sitting too well with the National Rifle Association. Bryant Gumbel, the host of the popular HBO sports show “Real Sports,” made headlines Thursday for denouncing the group in a Rolling Stone article, calling them “pigs” and accusing them of not caring about “human life.” NRA News radio host Cam […]
Obamacare Ads Tout 'Ealthcare.gov'
WEEKLY STANDARD — The deadline to get taxpayer subsidized healthcare is coming up quickly. In an apparent effort to increase enrollment in Obamacare, Facebook ads are running trying to get users to checkout the website. The problem? Instead of promoting Healthcare.gov, the ads are pushing ealthcare.gov. Read more at the Weekly Standard. 


UK students surveyed about limits on free speech
The publicly-funded University of Kentucky will be restricting your freedom of speech this year. But don’t worry, they’re going to politely ask you exactly how you would like them to do it. With the promise of winning basketball tickets and $250 scholarships, the university’s student government recently emailed out a survey to all students asking […]
UC Berkeley Chancellor speaks about Bill Maher
Liberal comedian Bill Maher’s controversial speech at the University of California Berkeley December commencement may have come and gone, but the debate over its implications for free speech still rages on. Maher had been invited to speak at the school, but after the comedian made controversial statements on Islam students petitioned against his speech. The students ultimately […]
Obama wants to tax your college savings
President Obama’s plan to cover the cost of his $60 billion “free” community college proposal is to introduce $320 billion in tax hikes over the next 10 years. One of those taxes will actually take away money from your dedicated college savings to fund someone else’s free college experience. Obama has been trying pass off […]
Students, employers differ on career readiness
Turns out that college students and employers have very different definitions of career readiness. The Association of American Colleges and Universities asked groups of employers and college students a series of similar questions about career preparation and the study found big gaps between their answers. Students consistently rank themselves as prepared in areas where employers do […]
Will Obama's tax hikes actually help students?
President Obama will officially announce $320 billion in tax hikes during his State of the Union address Tuesday, claiming that his proposals will simplify education tax credits and pay for his plan for free community college education. But despite his lofty rhetoric and goals, critics are questioning the method. After loudly announcing his plan to […]