Helen Mirren is absolutely 'anti-gun'
Well, you can add actress Helen Mirren’s name to the list of celebrities who love to shoot ‘em up on screen and rant about gun control off screen. Mirren gave a wide-ranging interview to Yahoo! Movies Monday where she spoke about everything from her love of Vin Diesel to her laundry style to her opinion […]
Tom Cotton objects to his SNL parody

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) had a problem with SNL’s spoof of him—but only because the actor selected to portray him was too short.

Maher tells PC liberals 'shut the f up'

Bill Maher's politics are not always the greatest. But when it comes to knocking down the liberal PC brigade, he is on point like no other.

SNL parodies Starbucks' race campaign

What if another company--say, Pep Boys (or Girls! Or Whatever!)--took on their own campaign to talk about gender and sexual identity?

SNL's "The Rock" Obama goes beast-mode

Dwayne Johnson hosted SNL last night, so naturally he had to play a muscled-up Obama, who can finally do all the things he really wants—like throw John Boehner through a window and rip of Tom Cotton’s hand.

White House

Carly Fiorina says there’s a ‘higher than 90 percent chance’ she’s running for president

Carly Fiorina’s 2016 campaign is all but certain now—and she’s making no secret as to whom she’ll be targeting.

White House promises not to use legal loophole to keep NSA spying alive if Patriot Act expires
If the Patriot Act expires, it will stop the National Security Agency’s bulk spying too. The Obama administration promised this week that it will not take advantage of a legal loophole to keep the NSA spying alive unless Congress re-authorizes the Patriot Act, Reuters reported. Section 215 of the Patriot Act, which authorizes the NSA to collect data on […]
In honor of National Puppy Day, here are the top 10 cutest presidential puppies

Today is National Puppy Day! To celebrate, we give you the top ten cutest puppies to grace the White House Lawn.

Obama: ‘By hook or by crook’ I’ll push my agenda through
This is probably not the smartest phrasing to use. President Obama had an interview with Huffington Post over the weekend and while much of the interview was his oft-repeated lines about how Republicans are the reason nothing is getting done in Washington, he added a new phrase about his legacy that is bound to raise […]
Obama tells Prince Charles that Americans like the royal family better than their own politicians

President Obama has admitted what we all already knew: Americans far prefer the Duchess of Cambridge to Michelle.


Sen. Harry Reid will not seek re-election
WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, the wily Nevadan who dominated the Senate for a decade from the minority to the majority and back again, announced Friday he will retire after five terms. Reid, 75, who shepherded key Obama administration initiatives including the president’s health care law, lost his role as majority leader — […]
Schock: Lincoln faced challenges too
Embattled Rep. Aaron Schock (R- Ill.) gave his farewell speech on the House floor Thursday, promising that it was “not the end of a story, but rather the beginning of a new chapter.” While his own trials are more of the “Downton Abbey” decor and Katy Perry concert variety, Schock likened this tough time to that […]
Boehner, Pelosi read mean tweets
Taking a cue from Jimmy Kimmel’s famous “Mean Tweets” series, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Sen Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) got in on the fun and read some mean tweets about themselves in a video for the 2015 Radio & Television Correspondents Association […]
GOP blocks Warren's student loan plan
THE HILL — Senate Republicans on Wednesday blocked an effort by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) to attach an amendment aimed at lowering student loan rates to the budget. Senators voted 46-53 against Warren’s amendment to the Republican budget resolution. Warren’s amendment would have allowed people with college loan debt to refinance at interest rates from […]
Rand really liked those 'Stand with Rand' trolls

During Ted Cruz's big announcement at Liberty University yesterday--which students were required to attend--some Rand Paul supporters decided to troll Cruz with some "Stand with Rand" shirts:

t u
One dead after shooting outside NSA headquarters
FORT MEADE, Md. (AP) — A firefight erupted Monday when two people in a car tried to ram a National Security Agency gate at Fort Meade, killing at least one person, according to preliminary reports cited by two U.S. officials. An FBI spokeswoman said the incident was not believed to be linked to terrorism. The […]
Finally! Big Macs you can wear
The Big Mac has always been the star of the McDonald’s lineup, and the sandwich with the secret sauce is finally getting its just rewards – its very own clothing line and lifestyle collection. The collection, introduced as the company struggles with declining global sales, includes everything from clothing to wallpaper to bed sheets, all […]
Senate OKs Republican balanced-budget plan
WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans muscled a balanced-budget plan through the Senate early Friday, positioning Congress for months of battling President Barack Obama over the GOP’s goals of slicing spending and dismantling his health care law. Working into Friday’s pre-dawn hours, senators approved the blueprint by a near party-line 52-46 vote, endorsing a measure that closely […]
Bowe Bergdahl charged with desertion

Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who abandoned his post in Afghanistan and was held captive for five years by the Taliban, was charged Wednesday by the U.S. military with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy and could get life in prison if convicted.

Border Patrol agents paid overtime to do CrossFit

You’re probably familiar with CrossFit—you know, that fitness thing that one Paleo friend of yours is always posting about (#WOD #PR #fitnessgoals, etc.)


FCC confident net neutrality rules will be upheld

The lawsuits against the FCC’s new utility-style internet regulations have already begun, but Chairman Tom Wheeler declared Friday that he is confident his agency’s rules “will be upheld by the courts.”

TSA monitors passengers for yawning, whistling

Ever catch yourself yawning and fidgeting at the airport? Don’t be surprised if you get corralled for some extra-vigorous pat-downs.

Before leak, NSA mulled ending phone program

WASHINGTON (AP) — The National Security Agency considered abandoning its secret program to collect and store American calling records in the months before leaker Edward Snowden revealed the practice, current and former intelligence officials say, because some officials believed the costs outweighed the meager counterterrorism benefits.

WH tells Congress to back off of D.C. gun laws

Republicans in Congress want D.C. residents to be free to carry firearms. The White House is not pleased about that.

GOP bill would make it easier to buy guns in D.C.
The land of the free might finally have a capital that gets to enjoy the full benefits of the Second Amendment if a new Republican-sponsored bill successfully passes through Congress. The Second Amendment Enforcement Act introduced Thursday by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) is design to make gun ownership in Washington D.C. easier […]


Ill. college to offer new kind of 'free tuition'
An innovative way for students to earn free tuition at community college that won’t cost taxpayers any extra money? President Obama should take notes.  Three Illinois high school districts and Harper College announced the Promise Scholarship program Monday. The program would promise every public high school student in these districts two years of college tuition free if they’re willing to […]
Report: 1/3 of borrowers late on loan payments
Federal student loan borrowers are struggling more than people originally realized, according to the latest federal data.  About one-third of borrowers with federal student loans owned by the U.S. Department of Education are considered delinquent on their repayments, the recently released data found.  Previous accounts had had suggested delinquency rates of around 20 percent, but these […]
NYU asks staff to cover students' $71,000 bill
Incoming New York University freshmen will pay nearly $71,000 for tuition and estimated expenses next year, and NYU is asking its staff to help foot the crippling bill. NYU has been criticized in recent years for giving faculty and executives unusually large bonuses, opening partner campuses in China and the United Arab Emirates, and giving […]
Johnson: Student loans are too easy to get
Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) spoke candidly about how federal involvement in the student loan game has hurt students during a event in his home state, calling loans too easy to get and college “too fun” to only go to for four years. Johnson told constituents in Verona last Saturday that federal student aid has created […]
Students win right to 'Party in the U.S.A.'
Miley Cyrus would be proud of these freedom fighters. High school students in Massachusetts successfully fought their hypersensitive administration over a patriotic-themed school dance this week. Lexington High School administrators tried to cancel an “American Pride” dance, even though the student body overwhelmingly voted for that theme, because they feared it was not inclusive enough, […]