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‘Millennial Poll Average’: Clinton sags due to third-party surge

Morning Consult392716**
Pew Research472122**
Fox News373018**

Millennials Misery Matrix













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Univ. of Cincinnati director: Help the country, "kill the NRA" [EXCLUSIVE]

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The new role of "First Daughters": An example for their parents?

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Students try to censor Pulitzer winner for "dangerous (a.k.a. conservative) rhetoric"

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Clinton misuses image of a Muslim Bernie delegate: She's not happy, tweets #StillSanders

Hillary Clinton's campaign got called out for using a picture of a woman weeping at the Democratic National Convention...

Report: Millennial vote is down for Democrats, up big for GOP

will likely be a record-breaking year for youth voter turnout -- fueled by an increase in young Republicans voting...

Gingrich speech to #YAFcon millennials: "Your generation will get it done"

With concern for the future of the United States of America Newt Gingrich has given millennials some advice as...

Borowski: Bernie is no Ron Paul, he sold out

Jule Borowski feels for Bernie Sanders supporters Their candidate's morals didn't match up to the political revolution he inspired...

America's most libertarian congressman endorses Trump

Donald Trump has earned praise and scorn from libertarians who support his humble foreign policy position on lowering taxes...