Maher: Clinton scandals a 'bulls--t meme

The "Real Time" host defended Bill and Hillary amid reports of the Clinton Foundation's suspect finances during a segment of his show Friday night, even while both his liberal and conservative guests criticized the presidential pair for their latest controversy, according to Mediaite.

Frankie Muniz comes out as conservative
Actor and child star Frankie Muniz may be best known for “Malcolm in the Middle” and “Agent Cody Banks,” but he’s hoping that he can make his work for soldiers and in the political realm a bigger part of his legacy. Muniz talked to D.C. morning show WMAL about his new projects working for PTSD awareness […]
ESPN host slams Tom Brady for Obama snub

ESPN host Stephen A. Smith is very angry that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady skipped out on President Obama's ceremony to honor the Super Bowl champion team at the White House Thursday.

Jenner comes out as trans, Republican
Former Olympian and “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star Bruce Jenner finally revealed that he identifies as a woman in his Friday night “20/20″ interview with Diane Sawyer, but it was a different announcement that had viewers freaking out. Sawyer asked if Jenner cheered when President Obama became the first president to even say the […]
Waka Flocka Flame endorses Hillary

Just days after announcing his own candidacy for president in 2016, Waka Flocka Flame is endorsing Hillary Clinton for the White House. The Atlanta rapper said during a recent interview with MTV News that he will vote for Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.


Pizza Hut mocked Hillary Clinton in 1999 ad

BuzzFeed has unearthed a 1999 Pizza Hut advertisement that mocked Hillary Clinton for being a carpetbagger by moving to New York in order to run for the state's U.S. Senate seat.

Clinton Foundation placed on 'watch list'

The prominent charity watchdog group Charity Navigator has put the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation on its "watch list" along with two dozen other suspect charities, like Al Sharpton's National Action Network.

Rand: 'I’m tired of us retreating' on abortion

Rand Paul wants conservatives to go on offense when it comes to debating abortion.

Rand Paul attacks Jeb Bush in anti-NSA Tweetstorm

Last week, Jeb Bush declared NSA spying "the best part of the Obama administration"-- so you knew it was only a matter of time before Rand Paul had something to say about that.

Scott Walker challenges Obama to poker game

Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker continued his foreign policy feud with Obama this weekend, suggesting that the president's weakness on the Iran nuclear deal makes him the ideal poker opponent.


New surgeon general defends gun control tweet

Newly-sworn-in Surgeon General Vivek Murthy defended his past comments on gun control--comments which stalled his confirmation for over a year.

The new 'Call of Duty' game is based off Snowden

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 takes place within the story of "the largest leak of intelligence in military history," involving pages of redacted security documents that spill closely-held government secrets. Sound familiar?

Obamacare brings growth in food stamp enrollment
CHICAGO (AP) — President Barack Obama’s health care law has had a surprising side effect: In some states, it appears to be enticing more Americans to apply for food stamps, even as the economy improves. New, streamlined application systems built for the health care overhaul are making it easier for people to enroll in government benefit […]
DC gets mad at Gowdy and Buck over gun photo

Reps Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) and Ken Buck (R-Colo.) just dodged a run-in with the D.C. authorities.

The danger of policing through Facebook

These days, everything happens on social media--including solving crime.


Corinthian Colleges Closes for Good
INSIDE HIGHER ED — After teetering on the brink of collapse for months, Corinthian Colleges announced Sunday that it will immediately shut down its 28 remaining campuses, which together enroll approximately 16,000 students. The closures, which take effect Monday, come after the embattled for-profit college chain was unable to finalize the sale of its campuses […]
VSU cancels class for flag rally
Following an incident with a flag on campus that led to a veteran’s detainment and national attention, Valdosta State University cancelled classes to allow students to particpate in the “Flags Over VSU” rally Friday. Hundreds of motorcycles and about a thousand people participated, according to the Valdosta Daily Times.  “Please, when you look at this […]
Quarterback slams alma mater over American Sniper

Former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason, who once played football for the University of Maryland, slammed his alma mater for their decision to indefinitely postpone a screening of "American Sniper."

Oberlin liberals threaten safety of College GOP
The story of how Oberlin College liberals reacted to the visit of AEI scholar Christina Hoff Sommers just keeps getting more and more outrageous. Reason reported Friday that the same liberal students who think that Sommers ideas should be treated as a literal threat to their “safety” decided to pay the favor back to the groups that invited […]
Chafets: Conservatives skipped over for speeches
An author has figured out exactly how colleges are getting around the uproar and “embarrassment” that comes with inviting a conservative or Republican to speak at your commencement ceremony — “They simply don’t invite any conservatives at all.” Zev Chafets made this declaration Wednesday on “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV. “Of the 60 top […]


Sen. Cornyn worried about Clinton transparency

On Jan. 20, 2009, the U.S. Senate was poised to nominate then-Senator Clinton as secretary of State by a unanimous consent vote, but Sen. Jon Cornyn (R-Tex.) objected, temporarily thwarting Clinton’s nomination.

Dana Perino: Reid poisonous, disgusting, abhorrent

"He's an absolutely poisonous figure in Washington, D.C.," Perino said of Reid. "He's been a disaster for the country. I think a lot of the dysfunction in Washington can be traced directly to his doorstep. I think it is very good for the country, for the world, and especially for the Democrats that Harry Reid is retiring."

Rand: When life begins there is a role for state

Rand Paul promoted his libertarian (ish) vision for the pro-life movement at the Susan B. Anthony List's Campaign for Life Strategy Summit Thursday morning.

Sen. Roberts has a ringtone from 'Frozen'
The cold never bothered 78-year-old Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) anyway. Roberts’ amazing ringtone, featuring Idina Menzel’s “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen, interrupted his remarks during a hearing on U.S. Tariff Policy. His sassy comment afterward might be the best part.
Reid: GOP 2016 field 'are all losers'
Retiring Sen. Harry Reid (D- Nev.) doesn’t care at all about the Republican nominee for president in 2016 because he thinks the entire field is made up of “losers.” Reid sat down with CNBC recently and the news outlet named topics and asked him for a quick thought on each. The Senate Minority Leader did […]

From Around the Web

Riot erupts in Baltimore after Gray death
BALTIMORE (AP) — Rioters looted stores and hurled rocks and bricks at Baltimore police Monday, injuring several officers just hours after thousands mourned the man who died after suffering a severe spinal injury in police custody. Seven officers were hurt. Some had broken bones, and one was unresponsive, said Capt. Eric Kowalczyk. Television footage showed […]
Vietnam vet 'emotional' after note from stranger
A Vietnam veteran was left a “little emotional” this week after a stranger anonymously thanked him for his service with a sweet letter on his car. Richard Smith told local news channel WPTV in Boynton Beach, Florida that it was the greatest thanks he had been given since he returned from the war. Smith’s car […]
South Dakota competes with Mars for new residents
South Dakota is feeling a bit neglected. They’ve seen all of this publicity for people lining up to move to Mars — 200,000 people applied to be astronauts on a prospective one-way trip to Mars in 2024 — and they don’t understand why people haven’t done the same for their state, especially since its much […]
A 'gender free' children's book

Looking for some bedtime reading that won't enforce your child's cisgender privilege? We've got you covered.

HOA tries to force veteran to remove her flag

24-year Air Force veteran Delia Foster, from East Tennessee, had proudly displayed the American flag from a flag pole in her front yard--until her Home Owner's Association demanded she take it down