SNL fixes Thanksgiving with 'Hello'
When it comes to settling Thanksgiving Day family disputes, Saturday Night Live may very well have the answer. A sketch known as “A Thanksgiving Miracle” shows a family getting pretty heated. Just when the conversation seems to be getting to its breaking point, the young girl in the room turns on Adele’s Hello. Each time the […]
2016 tactic to win Millennials: Music
It’s no secret that Hillary Clinton has been having trouble appealing to Millennials, despite her obvious efforts. As a demographic, Millennials may be difficult overall to reach. As All Access offers, Millennials are “more multicultural and educated compared to earlier generations. And they have a wide-range of eclectic tastes that often make both traditional and […]
Scandal has abortion to 'Silent Night'
ABC’s hit show, Scandal, went for a bit of an odd theme for their mid-season finale, combining both Christmas, abortion, and death. Thursday’s episode, titled “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” had a particularly sickening connection considering it featured lead character Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington, aborting the president’s baby. Even worse is that the scene […]
Caitlyn Jenner voting GOP in 2016
Hell hath no fury like a trans-woman scorned. Caitlyn Jenner was in Des Moines, Iowa during the Democratic presidential debate and wanted to attend, badly. According to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, Jenner even reached out to the president of CBS, David Rhodes but was turned away at the door. “Our person told her person that […]
Graphic: 175 years of winning slogans
It may not be the most cited campaign factors, but campaign slogans can and do play a role. The communications relations manager at Communications@Syracuse, Jennifer Dutcher writes “other factors certainly come into play, but an effective (or ineffective) presidential slogan can set the tone for the entire election race and presidency.” Included in the “Presidential PR” piece […]


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Millennials will shape the Republican Party
The 2016 election will differ greatly from 2008, and the changes go beyond political issues. Changing demographics and trends in globalization have modified the political landscape, The Wall Street Journal noted in a recent conversation with Peter D. Hart and Bill McInturff, two leading pollsters. Lower levels of religiosity, and the large numbers of millennials, McInturff […]
Cruz blasts lefty, 'coddled kids' of universities
While speaking at the Family Leader’s Presidential Forum in Des Moines, Iowa, Ted Cruz had some brief but strong words about some of the student protests. As the Hill reported, many of the candidates touched upon “political correctness.” Speaking to that, Cruz offered that, “The best answer to political correctness is speaking the truth.” On […]
Carson: Make schools responsible for loan interest
At a recent campaign stop in Iowa, Ben Carson took the moment to expand on his opinions about higher education reform. At St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa, Carson took questions from voters on college debt, according to KWQC. “Make the student responsible for the principal and the colleges and universities responsible for the interest,” […]
Sanders: "Guaranteed economic rights for all"
On Thursday, Bernie Sanders spoke at Georgetown University to explain his definition of democratic socialism and how he grounds his political philosophy. His main themes remained constant: economic inequality, poverty, health care, higher education, and the minimum wage. To define what Sanders means by “democratic socialism,” he tied his politics to former presidents and leaders. “So let me […]
NYT: Hillary has 'problems with young voters'
Hillary Clinton’s struggles with Millennial voters has been noted before. But now, even the New York Times is admitting it. To be sure, Albert R. Hunt does take a positive view of Hillary. In one of his first paragraphs he points out that her “nomination is almost a foregone conclusion, barring any unlikely legal or health […]


Todd Starnes: Millennials 'will destroy America'
The outrageous tactics employed by some college protests have not gone unnoticed. Todd Starnes’ headline for Fox News reads: “College campus protests: This is the generation that will destroy America.” Starnes points to various examples of what’s been going on at college campuses lately. He also mentions a recent poll from Pew which shows 40 percent […]
Author: Millennials should go into debt
If millennials want to get ahead in life, they should punt on building a savings account and go into debt. Such is the advice of Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki, according to CNBC.  “Savers are losers,” he says. “The old rules were you go to school, you get a job, you work hard, you […]
Obamacare: Millennials chill out, don't work
As the effects of Obamacare reverberate across the country, it’s made millennials more blase about finding employment. A recent study has found that, as younger people feel less pressure to find a job and gain health benefits, they’ve delayed their entry into the workforce, according to The Washington Post. Young people can stay on their […]
40% of Millennials favor banning free speech
Free speech has come under siege by overly sensitive young people on college campuses. A recent survey from the Pew Research Center has now codified the results. 40 percent of Millennials are in favor allowing government to prevent “statements that are offensive to minority groups.” Overall, only 28 percent of Americans agreed with that statement. Pew notes […]
Tinder's IPO: Will Millennials 'swipe right'?
Millennials have a chance to swipe right on stock — the company that owns Tinder has gone public. The popular dating app, owned by Match Group, opened its initial public offering at $12 per share, according to Business Insider. That price represents a low price within the range that Match Group wanted, but will transform it […]


Maryland addresses the skills gap in education
An initiative across several states has led state governments to partner with technology companies for a new school model. To better prepare students for technology jobs and other skilled jobs, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced that the state is partnering with IBM and others to build “early college high schools,” according to The Washington Post. […]
Poor students aren't going to college
College enrollment rates have declined since 2008, but for low-income students, the drop is much more dramatic. While overall enrollment rates have fallen by three percent, for high-school graduates from the bottom 20 percent of family income, enrollment rates have plummeted by 10 percent, according to a new analysis from The Washington Post. For social […]
Univ. of Ky. president caves, covers up mural
Campus race-based frustrations are not merely about being protected from racism, but about anything and everything that could possibly be offensive. At the University of Kentucky, President Eli Capilouto has decided that a historical mural from 1934 will be covered up. The mural caused offense because it featured black workers in a tobacco field — […]
W&M students demand removal of Jefferson statute
Earlier in the semester, students at the University of Missouri defaced the campus’ statute of Thomas Jefferson with post-it notes calling him a “racist rapist,” for example. A petition had also been started to call for its removal. While the unrest has been brought to a national level, the same issue with Jefferson is now being seen […]
University cancels classes over 'hate speech'
On Tuesday, President Bruce Shepard of Western Washington University did something he hasn’t done in his 15 years as a university leader. Shepard canceled classes as a result of “hate speech” over Yik-Yak. That’s right. A social media post canceled school. The letter from Shepard mentions that he “cannot go into the details of an […]


Congresswoman tells SNL to disinvite Trump
The controversy surrounding Donald Trump hosting Saturday Night Live has grown so far-reaching that members of Congress have taken to raising the issue on the House floor. Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Calif.) used her one minute of time Wednesday to passionately call on SNL to disinvite Trump. C-SPAN uploaded the video to their Facebook page, and many of the […]
Paul Ryan elected youngest Speaker since 1875
Out with the old, in with the new… On Thursday morning, Rep. Paul Ryan (Wis.) was elected the youngest Speaker of the House since 1875. John Boehner will resign on his previously announced projected date of Oct. 30. The Hill reported that Ryan received 236 votes (he needed 218 to become Speaker) to Rep. Daniel […]
Paul Ryan announces Speaker bid
Upate (10/28/15): Paul D. Ryan is now the official Republican nominee for Speaker of the House. While he only won 200 votes in the conference, he is widely expected to get the 218 he needs to win the floor vote coming up when Speaker Boehner retires on October 30. — Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has […]
Amash endorses Ryan for Speaker
The support for Rep. Paul Ryan for Speaker has been increasing. The Detroit News reported on Thursday that Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) of the Freedom Caucus has endorsed Ryan. In previous years, Amash never voted to support Speaker John Boehner on the floor–voting for Rep. Raul Labrador in 2013 and Rep. Jim Jordan earlier this […]
In defense of Paul Ryan's demand for family time
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has been recruited to be the next Speaker of the House for some time now. Part of the reluctance has been his three children. And now, he has made it clear that he wants to be able to balance such work with family time. Fox News Insider has a video and transcript […]

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Dem rep. will argue with your family for donation
AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack If you’re a liberal who’s feeling anxious about sparring with your conservative family members over the holiday season, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) has your back. The Hill reported that Grayson has emailed his supporters saying he will argue with their conservative family members for a donation to his Senate campaign to […]
Hero: Tulane student shot stopping kidnapping
A miracle may very well have saved 25-year old, Peter Gold. Many are calling him a “hero” and a “Good Samaritan” after Gold came to the aid of a woman he saw being kidnapped and robbed early Friday morning. He was shot in the stomach and when the  assailant went to shoot him again, the […]
Protestor who demanded 'free' stuff is wealthy
Keely Mullen — the college student who publicly embarrassed herself on national television when Neil Cavuto simply asked her how she thought America should pay for more ‘free’ government programs — has been caught in a lie. During the interview, Mullen advocated for taxing the rich in order to pay for free college tuition, along with other […]
Belgians respond to terror threat with cat memes
Life has been tense in Brussels, Belgium. The city has been on the highest terror alert since the terrorist attacks in Paris on Nov. 13. Prime Minister Charles Michel fears an “imminent threat” to the capitol city. Raids on Sunday resulted in the arrest of 16 individuals and the city’s schools, subway systems, and universities […]
Buzzfeed's video was racist against my heritage
Buzzfeed released a video on Friday called “Signs You Grew Up Italian-American,” where they used biased and racist stereotypes to mock my heritage and experience growing up as Italian-American. The first issue taken with the video is that the younger actors appear to be non-Italian; that it a clear sign of cultural appropriation on the […]