Gordon-Levitt eyes Snowden role
Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is expected to play Edward Snowden in an Oliver Stone-directed movie about Snowden’s life, Variety reports. “The Snowden Files” would be based on the book about the NSA leaks written by Snowden’s lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena, which is considered the closest thing to a documented account of the events. Stone acquired the rights to […]
'Madam Secretary' wants an ideal D.C.
CBS’s new show “Madam Secretary” may be inspired by some of the most polarizing and entrenched political figures in Washington D.C., but the showrunners and cast say they want to portray a less polarizing and negative D.C. on screen. POLITICO’s Playbook Lunch on Friday featured show creator Barbara Hall, executive producers Morgan Freeman and Lori […]
Obama praises Joan Rivers

President Obama must really want to maintain his popularity in Hollywood. Why else would he write a letter to Melissa Rivers praising her mother and late comedian Joan Rivers, the same woman who called him gay and his wife a "tranny" in July?

TDS: Biden hasn't been out of the house

"The Daily Show" had some fun Thursday night with the VP's recent double whammy of off-color remarks.

GoT Author to host Democrat Fundraiser
The red fundraiser? In this case, the appropriate color is probably blue. George R.R. Martin, the author of the popular book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” and the inspiration for HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” will host a fundraiser for Sen. Tom Udall (D- N.M.) in early October. According to Udall’s campaign, the event will […]

White House

Lois Lerner speaks: ‘I didn’t do anything wrong’

Former IRS official Lois Lerner has opened up to the public in a lengthy interview with POLITICO.

Michelle Obama says Americans ‘take for granted’ Obama’s presidency
First Lady Michelle Obama proudly defended her husband during a speech at the opening reception of the Democratic National Committee’s Women’s Leadership Forum, telling the audience that people take her husband “for granted.” “Just think about how different our country looks to children growing up today. Think about how our kids take for granted that a […]
Security breaches prompt more White House security
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Secret Service tightened security outside the White House after an embarrassing breach in which a man with a knife scaled a fence, ran across the lawn and made it all the way inside before agents stopped him. Increased surveillance and more officer patrols are among the measures that Secret Service Director Julia Pierson ordered. […]
He gaffes again! Biden praises disgraced former Senator Bob Packwood

Ranking Joe Biden gaffes is like running down the deck of the Titanic -- in the end it's just a race to the bottom and no one ever wins. And yet the vice president continues to provide more candidates for his greatest hits.

Joe Biden should never be allowed to support a Redskins name change

Imagine for a moment a tied Senate vote urging the Washington Redskins to change their team name. Into the chamber steps Joe Biden.


House GOP replaces firm handling Obama suit
THE HILL — House Republicans said they’ve hired new counsel to represent them in their lawsuit against President Obama after their previous lawyer backed out of the case over “political pressure.” They inked a contract on Friday with William A. Burck of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart. The New York Times reported that the GOP’s previous attorney, David Rivkin of […]
Convicted felon running for Congress

Edwin W. Edwards recently spent nine years in prison after being convicted for extorting millions of dollars in exchange for riverboat gambling licenses, and now he's running for office.

Rand Paul: Millennials 'aren't as wedded to party'
Sen. Rand Paul (R – Ky.) seems to have the majority of millennials figured out. The presidential hopeful spoke with The Federalist this week about his foreign policy views and the shift toward libertarian views among millennials. “I think the libertarian influence, the libertarian-ish Republican, the libertarian conservatives in many ways is great for the […]
Democrats turn on Debbie Wasserman Schultz
POLITICO – Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is in a behind-the-scenes struggle with the White House, congressional Democrats and Washington insiders who have lost confidence in her as both a unifying leader and reliable party spokesperson at a time when they need her most. Long-simmering doubts about her have reached a peak after two […]
'Finally, we're gonna audit the Fed'

The House passed a bill Wednesday afternoon to audit the Federal Reserve, a long-time crusade of former Rep. Ron Paul and libertarians.


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Bar dumps PBR in protest of Russian ownership
After hearing that the Pabst Brewing Company was sold to a Russian company, one restaurant owner and American hero in Seattle decided to take a stand. Peter Levy, the owner of 5 Spot restaurant, has served Pabst Blue Ribbon on tap for about 25 years. But on Friday, he poured all of his Pabst on […]
Willie Nelson teaches Maureen Dowd about weed
Country icon and marijuana maestro Willie Nelson is stepping in to save New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd from herself. Back in June, Dowd wrote about a bad trip after consuming a pot-laced candy bar. “… I felt a scary shudder go through my body and brain. I barely made it from the desk to the bed, […]
Booze wins big in food safety fight
THE HILL – Purveyors of the nation’s alcoholic beverages have something to toast in the Obama administration’s revised food safety overhaul. A slate of revamped regulations proposed under the landmark 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act contains language assuring brewers and distillers that they will not be subject to an additional layer of red tape that industry […]
Walker challenger fires consultant

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Democratic candidate for Wisconsin governor Mary Burke said Friday she cut ties with a consultant she blames for copying several sections of her jobs plan from platforms of other Democrats.

Are Conservative Cities Better?

POLITICO MAG -- “On an overall basis,” says the boisterous Scott Smith, who was mayor of Mesa from 2008 until early this year, “there’s no doubt it’s extremely conservative.”

It might also be a glimpse of the GOP’s coming urban revival.


Students care about free speech more than adults
American high school students  today care way more about the First Amendment than adults. The Knight Foundation’s 2014 Future of the First Amendment study, which polled 10,463 high school students and 588 teachers, found that nine out 10 said people should be able to express unpopular opinions and six in 10 said the press should […]
GOP wants Healthcare.gov to be more secure
Congressional Republicans are calling on the Obama administration to make sure Healthcare.gov is fully secure before the sign-up period begins in less than two months. Eight GOP committee leaders in the House and Senate wrote to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on Wednesday with concerns about the site after a new report […]
Anti-gun group capitalizes on NFL violence
The anti-gun group founded by former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is looking to capitalize on the publicity surrounding the NFL’s recent domestic violence scandals, even though guns were not used in several of the recent cases. Americans for Responsible Solutions issued a report Tuesday linking incidents like the one involving former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray […]
Liam Neeson shoots off anti-gun rant
Though he carries a gun in almost all of his on-screen time, actor Liam Neeson is extremely anti-gun off-screen. In an interview with The Independent to promote his new film “A Walk Among the Tombstones,” Neeson called for strict gun control in the U.S. “I am totally for gun control in the U.S. The population […]
Activists blast spy bill as 'ripe for abuse'
THE HILL – Liberal groups, transparency advocates and the whistleblower behind the Pentagon Papers are coming out strongly against a Senate bill to reform the National Security Agency (NSA), arguing the reforms it contains are inadequate. Activists and whistleblowers told members of Congress in a letter on Monday that Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy’s (D-Vt.) USA Freedom […]


Higher ed accreditation is in need of major reform
The current higher education accreditation system harms students and taxpayers and is in desperate need for reform. A panel discussion hosted by the Heritage Foundation reached this conclusion Monday afternoon. Led by Lindsey Burke, the panel featured former U.S. Senator and former University of Colorado president Hank Brown, American Council for Trustees and Alumni President Ann […]
Student loan debt expected to reduce home sales
The higher levels of student loan debt that are seen today will likely reduce U.S. home sales by 8 percent this year, according to a new report released Friday by John Burns Real Estate Consulting. Sales of new and existing homes is expected to total 5.26 million this year, according to the report. But about 414,000 households will […]
Americans know little about the Constitution

A new poll released on Constitution Day (September 17 -- no worries, we know you knew that) found that many Americans don’t know how their government works. And the problem is likely to get worse if the College Board goes through with its proposed changes to the AP U.S. History exam.

Court upholds ban on U.S. flag shirts at CA school
It is no longer safe to display an American flag at Live Oak High School in California and a court has upheld the school’s right to ban students from wearing patriotic apparel as a result. U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an order Wednesday declining a request for an en banc hearing, a hearing in front […]
Occupy is turning its attention to student loans
The Occupy Wall Street movement turned three years old Wednesday and it has a new target — the country’s more than $1.2 trillion in student loan debt. The group’s Strike Debt initiative, run by Rolling Jubilee, announced Wednesday it has abolished $3.8 million worth of private student loan debt since January. The group spent $100,000 buying […]