Kim K: Kanye 'serious' about 2020 run
Kim Kardashian appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Wednesday and said that her husband Kanye West is “serious” about running for president in 2020. DeGeneres asked if Kardashian was aware of her husband’s presidential announcement before the Aug. 30 Video Music Awards. “That was news to me,” she said while laughing. She added that he had never even […]
Kanye West calls Ben Carson 'brilliant'
Kanye West is still serious about running for president in 2020. And he’s dropped the name of someone running right now he thinks quite highly of. The Republican Kanye West has been trying to “get on the phone with,” is Ben Carson. From an interview with Vanity Fair: I want everyone to win. When I run for […]
Warren tells Colbert she's not running
Elizabeth Warren has said she’s not running for president, but Stephen Colbert wanted to be absolutely sure while she was his guest on Wednesday’s The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Colbert brought up the issue while he was discussing Warren’s status as a “household name.” He asked if she was “sure” she wasn’t running. He also […]
Cruz booed on Late Show
Ted Cruz became yet another presidential candidate to appear on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The crowd was reactionary, to both Colbert and Cruz. At one point, Cruz offered up the principles he’s fighting for, which he defined as “simple.” His ideas seemed fine for the crowd, when Cruz said “live within our means, […]
Emmy winner promotes trans civil rights
Emmy award winner Jill Soloway, director, writer, and creator of Amazon’s Transparent, turned the awards stage into a political one this year by calling for support of transgender equality legislation. Soloway, who won the award for Best Directing for a Comedy Series, said that “we have a trans civil rights problem” in this country. “We don’t […]


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Paul fails to meet his father's fundraising record
When it comes to raising money, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is not his father’s son. The Washington Post reported on Thursday that Paul’s presidential campaign raised a mere $2.5 million in this quarter, a significant drop from his previous quarter and nowhere close to the $8 million raised by Ron Paul during the same period […]
Paul-Sanders Debate? Rand accepts invite
A petition that demands a joint town hall between Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders has gained the approval of Rand Paul. “Anytime, anywhere,” Paul told Truth In Media when asked about the prospect. The petition, started by Truth In Media, has gained “thousands of signatures,” according to the website. Paul and Sanders have a certain […]
Professor running for Congress to raise tuition
A Democrat college professor, who’s on the record praising Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), is running for Congress on a platform to lower student interest rates. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to understand that the government intervention in student loan rates raise tuition fees. Could you imagine that a socialist doesn’t understand basic economics? It’s true though, […]
Jeb: Rubio like Obama, "followed my lead" in FL
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) slammed Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) on Morning Joe Thursday, saying that the senator had a good message but lacked leadership skills like President Obama. Bush said that when he was governor he set the agenda and Rubio, who was the Majority Leader of the Florida House of Representatives, listened to […]
Trump's tax plan helps minorities and millennials
Liberals have attacked Republican frontrunner Donald Trump this week about his tax plan, saying it only benefits the rich. But, it turns out the people most likely to benefit from his plan are minorities and millennials. According to Breitbart, Trump’s plan will eliminate federal income tax on 61 percent of black Americans, 55 percent of Hispanic couples, […]


Millennials have better savings than Generation X
Whether it’s paranoia from their student debt or an effort at good parenting, millennial parents are saving more en masse than Generation X. They also have higher rates of general saving and consultation with financial professionals, according to Business Insider. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Student loan debt has grown during the last three decades, […]
Millennials confident, even with a bad economy
Finances for millennials might look bleak, but the negativity is overstated. As a Bloomberg article puts it, “young Americans’ incomes are depressed, their retirement nest eggs are microscopic, and their rate of employment is weak.” In a poll conducted by Bloomberg, young Americans aren’t overwhelmingly optimistic, either. 47 percent don’t expect their generation to live any […]
Bush's economic plan hinges on immigration
Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush has promised that his economic plan would raise the U.S. GDP by 4 percent annually, a Herculean feat that hasn’t been accomplished in decades. Bloomberg News reported on Wednesday that Bush’s plan depends on opening the floodgates to millions of new immigrants a year, which would reduce the income of low-skilled […]
Umpqua College dismissed the idea of armed guards
A mass murder can occur when there’s one bad guy with a gun; one can also be prevented when there’s a good guy with a gun. NBC News reported Friday that Umpqua Community College had considered hiring armed security guards over recent months, but ultimately decided against the idea. “We talked about that over the last year […]
Our View: Let students, teachers defend themselves
If the last few years haven’t made it painfully clear, schools and colleges are a target for crazed shooters. Why? Some could argue it is because schools are densely populated—but so are malls, subways, and downtowns. Some could say it is just coincidence. But one thing is certain: Our laws stop students and teachers from […]


Campus gun-free zone debate takes center stage
Shootings on college campuses have become more common in recent years and most lawmakers and Americans agree that something needs to be done to prevent these tragedies from happening. What is not clear is which direction campuses – and the country – should move towards: more gun control laws and designated “gun-free zones,” or fewer restrictions […]
Gun policies at Oregon colleges are complicated
As the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon is analyzed, Oregon’s state law concerning concealed weapons on campuses have been scrutinized. Oregon is one of seven states that allow concealed weapons on public postsecondary campuses, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Since 2011, when the Oregon Court of Appeals ruled against the […]
Professor sues over Mizzou's Gun-Free Zone
A professor at the University of Missouri has sued the school to challenge a policy that prohibits possessing a gun on campus, even with a conceal-and-carry permit. Royce de R. Barondes, an associate professor of law, claims that the restriction violates his federal and state rights, according to Fox News. Barondes’s case wouldn’t be the […]
Student loan repayment: a new job benefit?
For college graduates saddled with student debt, their next resource for financial assistance is their employer. Gradifi, a startup based in Boston, developed a platform for employers to pay down student loans for employees. They already have about 40 companies on a waiting list, according to MarketWatch. In one survey, a majority of respondents would […]
Conservative Hillsdale: Obama Admin targeted us
President Obama recently announced that the Department of Education would be releasing a “College Scorecard” to research schools. There were some noteworthy omissions, however. Hillsdale College was one such school, and that did not go unnoticed by Provost David Whalen. The Wall Street Journal published Whalen’s piece, “The Feds Won’t Rate My College.” Whalen defends his school’s reputation, […]


Top RNC member calls on McConnell to resign
House Speaker John Boehner’s resignation last week created a lot of buzz, and many are wondering about the future of the Republican Party. For some, this isn’t just confined to House leadership, but the Senate as well. Top RNC member Roger Villere posted on his Facebook that “McConnell needs to Resign!!” Villere is the Louisiana GOP […]
Rep. Trey Gowdy to retire
Just recently, there were whispers of Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) becoming the next GOP leader. Not only will Gowdy not run for the position, but fellow Congressmen say he will actually not be back in the House at all after this term. Rep. John Fleming (R-La.) told C-SPAN that “Trey wants to go back to South Carolina, and […]
Pelosi: Boehner retirement a sign of GOP failure
At a press conference following Speaker John Boehner’s retirement announcement, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Cali.) used the announcement as an opportunity to denounce House Republicans. Pelosi called his resignation “seismic” for the House, and related the timing of Boehner’s announcement to the current fight to defund Planned Parenthood. “[Boehner’s resignation] is a stark example of the […]
Senate fails to defund Planned Parenthood
Once more, the Senate has failed to defund Planned Parenthood. The vote after Pope Francis had addressed a joint session of Congress earlier that day. In addition to defunding the abortion provider, the Senate proposal would have funded the government until Dec. 11. Had the spending bill passed though, President Obama would have vetoed it. He has vowed not […]
Speaker Boehner retiring in October
It’s the fall of the House of Boehner. The New York Times reported on Friday morning that a close aide to the Speaker leaked that he is planning on retiring at the end of October. Boehner had been targeted by conservatives repeatedly for his various positions including Planned Parenthood funding, executive amnesty, and a possible […]

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Feminist believes finding water on Mars is sexist
Some people can find racism, sexism, classism, genderism, or whatever -ism in anything–including finding water on Mars. A Buzzfeed contributor with the pseudonym Cynthia Whitehead, wrote a blog post on Tuesday about “why scientists finding water on Mars is blatant misogyny.” Yes, because Mars is a male planet. “The MALE planet (women are from Venus) should be disgusting enough. […]
School shooting at Umpqua Community College
There was a school shooting Thursday afternoon on the campus of Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. According to the Oregonian, the suspected shooter is no longer active. Federal agents, local police, and ambulance are on the scene. UPDATE: Earlier reports were incorrect, between 7 to 10 people were murdered and 20 wounded according to Fox […]
Planned Parenthood CEO testifies to Oversight
Planned Parenthood CEO and president Cecile Richards appeared today before the House Oversight Committee . It got intense, but led to few answers–leaving many Republican members frustrated. Rep. Rod Blum (R-Iowa) spoke with Red Alert Politics after the hearing, saying he felt the Committee “didn’t get very good answers,” and that Richards “didn’t really have […]
15% of Gen-Y: Winning lotto is our retirement plan
When you’re 25 years old, retirement may seem like a lifetime away–and, unfortunately that’s how many millennials are treating it. A survey released Monday by the Insured Retirement Institute and the Center for Generational Kinetics showed that millennials are saving close to nothing for retirement and those that are, are not diversifying their investments. Millennials are […]
Ron Meyer Joins Red Alert as Editor
  Red Alert Politics announced today that they have hired Ron Meyer as Editor. Meyer is a former spokesman for Young America’s Foundation (YAF) and most recently was the president of Springboard Media Strategies. At YAF, Meyer founded the Youth Misery Index (YMI) and was editor of their blog, The New Guard. Meyer has been […]