Osbourne slammed over racist comment
Kelly Osbourne attempted to shame Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump Tuesday, but ended up sounding more like her former Fashion Police co-star Giuliana Rancic. During a conversation on The View about Donald Trump, Rosie Perez interjected some poll numbers that most Latinos in the country find the billionaire’s comments offensive and would not vote for him. “There […]
Schumer talks gun control on Daily Show
Actress and comedian Amy Schumer appeared on The Daily Show Monday to kick off host Jon Stewart’s last week on the show and to promote her new passion project — gun control. Schumer and Stewart didn’t quite take the discussion of the bill she is helping her distant cousin, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), push very […]
Amy Schumer pushes for gun control
Sen. Chuck Schumer is using his famous family tree to try and make the argument for stricter gun control laws in the wake of several mass shootings this summer. Schumer called his distant cousin, actress and comedian Amy Schumer, who also happens to have another connection to this push. The shooting in Lafayette, Louisiana, last month […]
Caitlyn Jenner's unpopular conservatism
Caitlyn Jenner is definitely a controversial figure–but among some liberals, it’s not her gender that’s the problem. It’s her conservative economic views. In a new E! preview for I Am Cait, Jenner clashes with some of her new LGBT activist friends when they try to get her to advocate for social welfare programs for transgender people–and she knocks down […]
Stewart: Trump is every GOP stereotype
Jon Stewart can’t get enough of bashing Donald Trump, but on Thursday’s episode of The Daily Show, he actually made a solid point. In the Republican Party’s assessment of what went wrong in 2008 and 2012, when Democrats and Obama took the White House, they determined that it was because of the negative stereotypes that […]


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Walker gets duped by climate change activists
At a campaign stop in New Hampshire, faux-supporters pulled a fast one Scott Walker. When they went to pose for a picture with the GOP presidential candidate, they flipped a pro-Walker sign around right before the picture was snapped to reveal what looked like a fake check from the Koch brothers. Walker was in the early […]
Hillary Clinton's favorite show is about herself
It turns out Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is a fan of… well, herself. At least, she’s the fan of a CBS show that’s reportedly based on her. Clinton took part in South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Jaime Harrison’s online series, “Chair Chats,” Monday and talked about her favorite television shows in an attempt to seem […]
Chris Christie calls 'War on Drugs' a failure
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie criticizes the war on drugs, but he’s effectively a staunch supporter. On Monday, Christie spoke at a presidential forum in New Hampshire, declaring “the war on drugs has been a failure.” He called the war well-intentioned, but wants to funnel non-violent offenders into treatment, not prison. Despite his remarks, Christie remains […]
Sanders says he can 'absolutely' beat Hillary
What Bernie Sanders is lacking in the polls, he sure is making up for it in confidence. In an interview with  Jorge Ramos, the Univision host asked Sanders if he still thought that Hillary Clinton was “not inevitable,” if he could beat her for the party’s 2016 presidential nomination. The Vermont senator responded, “Oh, absolutely. No […]
Hillary is now charging $2K for a photo with her
Apparently the “champion of everyday Americans” isn’t interested in actually filling her campaign events with everyday Americans. I'm running for president. Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion. –H https://t.co/w8Hoe1pbtC— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) April 12, 2015 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is charging supporters $2,700 — $350 more than the average person’s monthly wages […]


Charles Koch wants greater economic growth
Despite lackluster growth for the American economy, Charles Koch believes annual growth rates of 4 percent are possible. Speaking to a group of donors at a California meeting, Koch specified that he viewed growth rates as different than GDP. “I think we can have growth rates in excess of 4 percent. When I’m talking about […]
Ahead of debate, Jeb Bush shares immigration plan
With just days to go before the first debate, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) is looking to clarify his position on immigration and border security. The presidential candidate posted his plans for securing our national border Monday morning on Medium and sought to show that he’s not in favor of a blanket amnesty and that illegal […]
Signs of division in the GOP on ObamaCare repeal
THE HILL — Senate Republican leaders this week narrowly averted an intra-party battle over ObamaCare by again promising to get a repeal bill to the president’s desk through budget reconciliation. But the use of reconciliation — a budget tool that allows bills to bypass the Senate’s 60-vote threshold — is still a matter of debate among […]
Gun control activists protest gun emoji
If anyone needed proof that the gun control movement is anti-freedom — now they’re coming for your emoji.  New Yorkers Against Gun Violence’s (NYAGV) latest campaign, #DisarmTheiPhone, demands that Apple remove the gun emoji from all phones. “There is a gun we all carry,” a campaign video states. “That we can all give up.” NYAGV then calls […]
Norton: D.C. is 'proud' to be a sanctuary city
Politicians in the nation’s capital are very “proud” that the city ignores federal laws. So said Washington D.C.’s delegate to Congress Eleanor Holmes Norton to a group of protestors on Thursday, according The Daily Caller. “We are proud to stand with our immigrants, documented and undocumented alike. Donald Trump has worked up Republicans around the nation […]


Harvard students prank Donald Trump
A group of Harvard students had some fun at Donald Trump’s expense, fooling him into believing he was being endorsed by the student newspaper The Harvard Crimson. Members of the satirical student magazine The Harvard Lampoon posed as Crimson staffers to play a prank on the more serious student paper. The students got Trump to pose for […]
College textbook prices up 1000 percent since 1977
As the price of college tuition continues to rise, so does the price of textbooks. College textbook prices have risen 1,041 percent since 1977, NBC News reported on Monday, citing data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to NBC, the increase in textbook prices has risen over three times the rate of inflation from 1977 […]
Pro-life students demonstrate after PPFA vote
Students congregated at Union Station in Washington D.C. on Monday evening to sing “Amazing Grace” as the Senate voted whether to advance legislation ending federal funding of Planned Parenthood. The demonstration at the busy station, servicing both Metro and train travelers, started at 6 p.m. following the 53-46 Senate vote, which failed to reach the […]
Higher education a big focus in 2016
Higher education will have more attention this election cycle, but that could be for good or ill. As Politico reported, Democratic candidates are touting more government spending to make higher education more accessible. Republican candidates want more accountability and more competition among colleges and universities. Democratic proposals for free community college and free four-year public […]
Rising tuition, administrative bloat at Syracuse
Syracuse University is increasing tuition for the 2015-16 school year, but at least students know what they are paying for. An audit recently presented to the chancellor found that there are several hundred administrators who only oversee one or two employees apiece at the university. The audit by consulting firm Bain & Company originally reported […]


Nothing from Rand Paul on CISA privacy concerns
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has a reputation for defending civil liberties, but his silence on a recent Senate bill could threaten that perception. According to The Hill, the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act is moving through the Senate as legislators try to pass it before the August recess. Supporters claim that CISA will improve security measures against […]
Senate Blocks Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood
NATIONAL JOURNAL — The Senate on Monday voted against advancing legislation ending federal funding of Planned Parenthood. The 53-46 vote fell short of the 60 votes needed to move forward. Monday’s vote – largely understood as a messaging vote – is just the beginning of the fight, Republicans vow. “I wouldn’t rule anything out,” said Sen. […]
Bipartisan bill would end ban on shipping alcohol
All it takes to see some bipartisanship in the U.S. House these days is a little booze. Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), along with 24 co-sponsors that include four Republicans, has introduced a bill that would end a Prohibition-era ban on shipping alcohol through the U.S. Postal Service, The Hill reported. The USPS Shipping Equity Act would put the […]
Two GOP senators won't defund Planned Parenthood
At least two Republicans senators have announced that they will oppose a plan to defund Planned Parenthood being pushed by Sens. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and James Lankford (R-Okla.). Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) and Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) announced Wednesday that they will not support the defunding effort proposed by their Republican colleagues. […]
Boehner unconcerned about resolution to topple him
During a press conference yesterday, John Boehner took a nonchalant approach toward efforts to oust him from his speaker of the House position. Representative Tim Meadows’s resolution for Boehner to vacate his seat didn’t stir Boehner to have a discussion, even. “You got a member here and a member there who are off the reservation,” […]

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Vermont town reacts to shredded American flag
All summer long the news has been dominated by the Confederate flag, but there are still stories about the defense of the American flag that need to be told. After complaints from the residents of a small town in Vermont over a tattered flag flying outside the local post office, one woman took matters into her own […]
illegal immigrant sets patrol car on fire
It turns out that Donald Trump may have had a point.  After setting a deputy constable’s patrol car on fire Saturday, a 16-year-old illegal immigrant pointed a rifle at authorities and then led the police on a 35-minute car chase,  the Pearland Journal reported. During the pursuit, the teenager swerved his maroon Ford F-150 four-door truck into two motorcycle […]
Veteran beats apartment complex, can to fly flag
Army veteran Keith Ludwig will not let his apartment complex dictate where he can put his American flag. That resolve paid off Friday when the complex gave in after Ludwig appeared on the local news and pled his case. “I’m a veteran, my grandfather’s a veteran, my father’s a veteran. We’re a military family,” he told […]
CEO who set $70K minimum wage is now cash-strapped
Earlier this year, Dan Price, the founder of Gravity Payments, decided to raise the minimum wage in his company to $70,000 a year. It’s not going very well. Price attempted to pay for the new wages—which he extended to every clerk and sales rep on his 120-person staff—by slashing his own $1 million salary to $70,000, […]
Notorious RBG has been studying Notorious B.I.G.
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been feeling more “Notorious” than ever lately. Better known on the internet as the Notorious R.B.G., Ginsburg finally dished on her online meme persona at an event hosted by Duke University School of Law on Wednesday night. While it took her some time to embrace the name — when […]