Jonathan Gruber raps to MIT students

If you’ve been dying to see Jonathan Gruber, who credited the “stupidity of the American voter” with passing Obamacare, strip down to his undershirt and rap about economics, today is your lucky day!

Stewart mocks the Iowa Freedom Summit

Jon Stewart’s coverage of the Iowa Freedom Summit is about what you would expect—starting with his description the event: “A lot of Republicans who will never be president met this weekend,” for the “Fox News correspondent auditions.”

McCain takes on 'Sniper' bashers

Sen. John McCain is the latest person in a position of prominence to defend "American Sniper" from bashers, singling out the "obsessive critics of U.S. foreign policy" in an official statement.

Michael Moore continues on about snipers

Filmmaker Michael Moore has already stirred the pot with his negative comments about military snipers. During the weekend, somebody must've given the man an even bigger ladle.

Dropkick Murphys 'literally hate' Walker

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's abiding love for the Dropkick Murphys is not exactly mutual:

White House

VP Biden appears on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ to get ask young people to sign up for Obamacare
With three weeks to go until the Obamacare deadline to purchase insurance, the Obama administration is pulling out all the stops to encourage young people to sign up.  The renewed push included a stop by Vice President Joe Biden on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Monday so he could appeal to moms who are good at […]
Small drone crashes at White House complex, origin unclear
WASHINGTON (AP) — A small drone flying at low altitude crashed into the White House complex before dawn Monday, the Secret Service said. President Barack Obama was not at home and the White House said it did not pose a security threat. The crash prompted an immediate lockdown of the White House grounds until officials […]
WH chief of staff blurts out previously-concealed name of American hostage on live TV

All in a day's work at the White House: sometimes you keep ISIS hostage names a secret, sometimes you let them slip in an in interview on national TV.

7 Times Obama was ‘Partisan,’ Not ‘Practical’ during his State of the Union address
Near the beginning of his State of the Union address Tuesday night, President Obama promised to be “practical, not partisan” in his proposals to Congress. However, his speech ended up being anything but. From cracking jokes to outright veto threats, it was clear that the president had no interest in bipartisanship. So we decided to […]
Obama has been reminding Republicans ‘I won’ for 2,189 days

President Obama trotted out one of his favorite talking points against Republicans yet again Tuesday night, reminding the opposition party that "I won."


Boehner and McConnell critique SOTU

“Dead. Real dead.” That was House Speaker John Boehner’s verdict on President Obama’s tax proposals--and nearly every proposal from his State of the Union address, with the exception of cybersecurity, fighting ISIS, trade, and possibly the childcare tax credit.

Senate surpasses its 2014 vote total in a week
Is this what the Senate looks like without Harry Reid in charge? The new Republican-led Senate has already voted on more amendments in just one week than the Democratic-controlled Senate voted on in all of 2014. “We’ve actually reached a milestone here that I think is noteworthy for the Senate. We just cast our 15th roll-call vote […]
Whistleblowers denounce DOJ juvenile program

According to whistleblower reports, a Justice Department (DOJ) juvenile delinquency program provided grants to states jailing foster children and runaways over minor offenses like skipping school.

Gohmert: Obama 'divisive on the issue of race'

There’s a reason reporters clamored around former-House-Speaker-candidate Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.) at the State of the Union like this:

Rand Paul slams SOTU’s ‘lack of sincerity’ on NSA

Senator Rand Paul spent Wednesday morning blasting Obama’s State of the Union address, telling a roomful of conservatives at the Capitol Hill Club that “Some of the stuff, frankly, was difficult to even listen to and keep a straight face.”

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Judge refuses to toss Perry case
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A Texas judge on Tuesday refused to dismiss a felony abuse-of-power case against former Gov. Rick Perry on constitutional grounds, rejecting the argument that Perry was acting within his rights as chief executive of America’s second-most populous state when he carried out a veto threat. The decision by District Judge Bert […]
NYC largely spared in blizzard

BOSTON (AP) — A howling blizzard heaped snow on Boston but farther south it mostly spared New York City, which slowly blinked back to life Tuesday, canceling its travel ban and restarting its subway trains amid better-than-expected weather conditions.

Cuomo chalks up blizzard to 'changing climate'

"Changing climate" is behind a pattern of extreme weather events whipping the Northeast, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday as a blizzard was about to smack his state.

Man trapped in jail for 7 mos without conviction

A 37-year-old Dallas man seven spent months in jail without a conviction, lost in the system with no resources to get himself out—apparently all because one clerk forgot to hand off some paperwork.

NYPD arrested someone over their Facebook emojis

Be careful the next time you whip out those gun emojis: They could get you arrested for “terrorist threats.”


Rand Paul reintroduces civil seizure bill

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul reintroduced his bill to limit civil asset forfeiture, with the practice under ever-increasing scrutiny since Attorney General Eric Holder put the brakes on part of the federal program.

TSA wants to read your Facebook posts
Just when you thought the TSA couldn’t get any more invasive… Now the Transportation Security Administration doesn’t just want to check out your naked picture and go through your physical belongings, they also want to have access to your online profile and Internet history as well. Since 2013, the TSA PreCheck program has been available […]
Report: 18 more states will legalize pot by 2020

Over the last few years, marijuana has been legalized in four states--Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington, along with partial legalization in the District of Columbia. By 2020, one group thinks that number will grow to 18.

DOJ is tracking the movement of millions of cars

If you’ve ever had the feeling of being watched while cruising down I-95, good news! You might not actually be crazy.


App monitors college class attendance
Helicopter parenting is now hitting college campuses in the form of an app. Class120, a new app by Core Principle, can now give your parents and other interested parties access to your class attendance record. College was once a place for young adults to get prepared for the workforce. It’s usually the first time most […]
Study: Student loan debt is bad for your health
We already know that student loan debt, which topped $1.1 trillion in 2014, has had and will continue to have lasting impacts on the millennial generation. Multiple studies have shown that this debt situation and the resulting financial precariousness leads to later home buying, putting off marriage, as well as leaving almost an entire generation […]
You can now study 'Mean Girls' for course credit
Crack open that Burn Book and get to studying. Students at Colorado College can now actually take a course on every millennial girl’s favorite movie and get college credit. The course, titled “Queen Bees, WannaBees and Mean Girls,” is a part of the school’s Comparative Literature Department, according to the New York Post. Professor Lisa Hughes teaches […]
Rangel:Free college important to national security
The terrorists will win if Congress does not help make President Obama’s “free” community college proposal a reality. At least, that’s the world according to one Democratic congressman. Rep. Charlie Rangel (D- N.Y.) said in a recent video, “The president’s recommendation that we have two years of free college is really so important to the security of […]
UK students surveyed about limits on free speech
The publicly-funded University of Kentucky will be restricting your freedom of speech this year. But don’t worry, they’re going to politely ask you exactly how you would like them to do it. With the promise of winning basketball tickets and $250 scholarships, the university’s student government recently emailed out a survey to all students asking […]