Video: Trump is 'your drunk neighbor'
A new video compares Donald Trump to a drunk neighbor–playing excerpts from Trump’s campaign speeches verbatim. “Your Drunk Neighbor: Donald Trump” shows an actor dressed in American flag paraphernalia playing “that neighbor you have with too many dogs and a drinking problem,” as he talks with Trump soundbites overlaid on the video. Watch the video […]
John McCain booed on the Late Show
Sen. John McCain, (R-Ariz.), who was also the 2008 Republican presidential nominee, spoke quite candidly during his appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The crowd loved his back and forth with Colbert about how he slept like a baby when he lost. This involved waking up every two hours to cry, McCain joked. McCain […]
J-Law vs. Trump: "end of the world"
Actress Jennifer Lawrence feels like every day Donald Trump leads the polls is another sign that the end of the world is drawing near. “If Donald Trump becomes president, that will be the end of the world,” Lawrence said to Entertainment Weekly on Thursday. The billionaire has been leading the polls for four months now, […]
Kim K: Kanye 'serious' about 2020 run
Kim Kardashian appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Wednesday and said that her husband Kanye West is “serious” about running for president in 2020. DeGeneres asked if Kardashian was aware of her husband’s presidential announcement before the Aug. 30 Video Music Awards. “That was news to me,” she said while laughing. She added that he had never even […]
Kanye West calls Ben Carson 'brilliant'
Kanye West is still serious about running for president in 2020. And he’s dropped the name of someone running right now he thinks quite highly of. The Republican Kanye West has been trying to “get on the phone with,” is Ben Carson. From an interview with Vanity Fair: I want everyone to win. When I run for […]


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Democrat ad blasts Marco Rubio: 'Who owns you?'
He may not be a household name, but the Harvard Professor Lawrence Lessig–who’s running for president as a Democrat–just launched his first attack ad on a member of another party. The ad berates Sen. Marco Rubio and the billionaires who fund his campaign and supporting PACs. Lessig is a single-issue candidate who has raised over […]
Christie calls the Yankees an 'evil empire' in NH
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is trying to win over some support from New Hampshire primary voters by joining them in one of their favorite hobbies — bashing the Yankees. Heather Haddon of the Wall Street Journal tweeted on Wednesday that Christie received loud applause after calling the New York Yankees “the evil empire” to the […]
Study: Trump supporters have the worst grammar
Trump supporters may be spirited — but they also have the worst grammar. The grammar checking website Grammerly.com released a study this week judging the writing ability of the various presidential candidates’ supporters. The study ranked the 19 candidates based on how many grammar mistakes their supporters made in Facebook comments. Trump is in last place, with his supporters […]
Koch brothers may donate $1 billion to Rubio
Money is considered speech and the Koch brothers have a whole lot to say about Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.). According to the NY Daily News, the famous billionaire brothers are eyeing Rubio for nearly a $1 billion donation to fund outside groups in support of his campaign. The brother’s had been plotting the donation for […]
Rand: "Why are we still at war in Afghanistan?"
In an interview with CNN, Senator Rand Paul questioned why the United States has a continued presence in Afghanistan. Wolf Blitzer asked for his thoughts on the American bombing of a Doctors Without Border hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan that killed 22 people, and Paul thought it raised concerns over American military action overseas. “I think […]


Obama: Millennials should join unions
The White House is trying to bolster dwindling labor union enrollment numbers by getting millennials to join. Union membership is currently at its lowest point since the 1930s, President Obama said at an event on Wednesday called the “White House Summit on Worker Voice.” Obama claimed as union membership has fallen, inequality has risen. “I believe that […]
Waste: HUD spends $104 million on wealthy families
Texas has a problem with giving rent subsidies to wealthy families. A recent audit of the Department of Housing and Urban Development found that 1,056 families in Texas lived in subsidized housing, but exceeded the income limit to qualify for them, according to The Texas Tribune. The problem doesn’t stop with Texas, however — it’s […]
Casinos turn to video games to attract millennials
The next industry trying to appeal to millennials wants them to gamble their money away. To attract millennials into casinos, gambling companies are looking toward making their machines more like the video games they grew up playing, according to GGRAsia, a news source for gambling centering around Asia. A more social gambling appearance would be […]
Have bad credit? You're not the only one
If you’re a millennial with bad credit, you’re not the only one. The Fiscal Times reported that millennials have an average credit score of 625 out of 850. The national average credit score is 667. Millennials also owe an average of $52,000, yet only make on average an annual amount of $34,430. The Fiscal Times pulled findings from sites such […]
For new Gen-Y jobs, lift ban on crude oil exports
Since the Great Recession, millennials have struggled to find jobs after college. When we do, we’re often underemployed, or barely able to make payments on our massive student debt–a combined whopping $1.3 trillion nationwide, growing by $3,055.19 per second. We make up forty percent of those unemployed. Forty-four percent of college educated Millennials are underemployed—working in non-career, […]


Prof: Cruz, Paul 'talking out of [their] ass[es]'
A political scientist at Texas State University took course time to expound on the Republican presidential candidates and their supposed lack of knowledge about constitutional law. Professor Rick Henderson accused Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina, and Ted Cruz of “talking out of [their] ass[es]” about the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, according to an audio recording […]
Campus shooting at Northern Arizona University
Another shooting on a college campus was reported early this morning at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. One student was killed and three more were hospitalized, according to university officials. The shooter, an 18-year-old freshman at NAU, was identified and taken into custody by campus police. The reason for the shooting is still unknown, however national news […]
Bunny Ranch brothel offering student loan relief
Some people are working their butts off to pay their student loans, but some young women are considering just working their butts to pay of their loans. KOLO 8 News reported on Thursday that Dennis Hof,the owner of the Bunny Ranch brothel outside Carson City, Nevada, has a plan to help young women pay off their […]
Should campuses allow more 'comfort animals'?
It’s not all that uncommon to hear about service animals for people with physical disabilities. But now on college campuses, students are increasingly asking to have their pets live with them in university housing as ‘comfort animals.’ The New York Times did a piece on such animals and the ‘gray area.’ On the one hand, […]
How college leaves some students worse off
Despite its efforts, the government has failed to protect college students from heavy levels of debt. For low-income students, it was even worse, as they had difficulty finding a job after graduation to pay their loans, Kevin Carey wrote for The New York Times. For many students, efforts by the federal government to make student […]


Freedom Caucus Speaker candidate supports Jeb Bush
The race for Speaker is getting more and more hectic, and conservatives in the House Freedom Caucus have endorsed Rep. Daniel Webster (R-Fla.)–but he may not be as far-right as some think. Webster endorsed former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush for the Republican nomination in June, arguably the most moderate Republican in the field who supports amnesty […]
Girdusky: Paul Ryan can't unite the right
With the demise of Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s (R-Cali.) bid for Speaker of the House, many on the right–including Erick Erickson, Mitt Romney, and Speaker Boehner–are calling for the 2012 vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) to jump in the race as the only man they claim can unite the very fractured Republican Party. Ryan’s cons […]
Don't want to be Speaker? Resign from Congress
How many Congressmen have turned down the chance to be Speaker of the House in the last few days? Most of the Republicans who could get the required 218 vote majority have chickened out of running–from Jim Jordan, to Jeb Hensarling, to Trey Gowdy, to Paul Ryan (he may be reconsidering), and others. Our question for […]
Erick Erickson: "Paul Ryan will be Speaker"
Earlier today, news broke that Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) had been asked again by Speaker John Boehner, Mitt Romney, and other GOP leaders to run for Speaker of the House. For weeks, the news had been that Ryan refused to run–but that was before House Majority Leader and Young Guns coauthor Kevin McCarthy dropped out of the […]
Who should be the next House Speaker?
Speaker of the House certainly seems to be a thankless job. People are actually running away from it rather than running for it. Speaker John Boehner announced his resignation, effective at the end of the month, but he may not be able to get out as quickly as he would have liked. The current Majority […]

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Veteran makes his service dog his best man
Get ready to break out the tissues for one of the sweetest stories of the year. U.S. Army veteran Justin Lansford lost his leg during in 2012 while serving in Afghanistan. He had bilaterally severed femurs and doctors were forced to amputate his left leg. Buzzfeed reported that a year later he received his service dog Gabe […]
Ban Nerf guns? Campus ends zombies vs. humans game
The shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon is having ramifications at college campuses nationwide, including the University of Akron that announced on Tuesday that they are canceling their Humans vs. Zombies game. Humans vs. Zombies is a campus-wide game that involves students shooting Nerf guns at each other, reported Ohio.com. Students already began to play […]
To lure Gen-Y, Chuck E Cheese turns to alcohol
Chuck E. Cheese is changing up it’s menu, offering an expanded beer and wine list to young parents who want to watch their children jump in a ball pit while drinking a cold one. In a report by Bloomberg, the arcade-pizza restaurant has seen slumping sales in recent years and wants appeal to young mothers […]
New website teaches economics by schooling Krugman
When it comes to schooling big government progressives, no one does it quite like libertarians Robert Murphy and Tom Woods. The pair launched the podcast Contra Krugman, where they refute New York Times economist Paul Krugman’s weekly column. In an e-mail with Woods I asked him why he started the podcast and website, if it […]
Senate candidate admits to animal sacrifice
Libertarian candidates often struggle to get airtime and attention by the mainstream media. Well, Florida U.S. Senate candidate Augustus Sol Invictus has figured out a way to breakthrough. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Invictus claimed that two years ago he walked from central Florida to the Mojave Desert in California, where he spent a week […]