There's actually a Trump biopic
Funny or Die is a website usually known for its video clips which aim to be funny, as the name suggests. But on Wednesday morning they went all-out, with a 50-minute biopic of Donald Trump, starring Johnny Depp of all people. As of Wednesday morning, the video has over 57,000 hits on its website. The film, also […]
'Blurred Lines' model endorses Sanders
Bernie Sanders rallies just got a whole lot hotter — and it’s not because of global warming. Actress and model Emily Ratajkowski, made famous for the music video of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines, has endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) Ratajkowski posted a video to her Facebook showing her introducing the Vermont Senator at a rally in New Hampshire […]
Super Bowl 50 ad: 'Bud Light Party'
Things got a little political, well sort of, from Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen for Super Bowl 50. In light of the divide from Americans when it comes to politics, the two comedians declared they were forming their own political party, the “Bud Light Party.” The ad also featured actors Michael Peña, asking a crowded […]
Jesse Watters talks with Sanders fans
In the spirit of Bernie Sanders having “captured the imagination of some younger Americans,” Bill O’Reilly sent out Jesse Watters to talk to some of those younger Americans, at the University of Oregon, “to explore the Sanders phenomenon.” As is usually the case with Watters World segments for The O’Reilly Factor, the responses are both cringe worthy and hilarious. […]
'Lenny Letter' dismisses GOP women
While I consistently find myself stuck in an inner battle of liking HBO’s Girls and disliking its lead actress and writer, Lena Dunham, I nonetheless signed up for her “feminist newsletter,” Lenny Letter. I don’t disagree with Dunham on every single political issue, but I do on most and find her comments about the Republican […]


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Young people don't vote: Is it your fault?
Young people don’t vote, just like they don’t save for retirement at age 21 or worry about interest rates. That’s what they do because youth isn’t known to plan for the future. Short-term thinking doesn’t give way to wisdom until experience and age prevail. With the excitement of college, or newfound independence and new family […]
Sorry Millennials, DNC system rigged for Hillary
So far, voters have made their voice heard for the candidate of their choice in two states. In Iowa, Hillary Clinton only managed to beat Bernie Sanders with .3 percent of the vote. In N.H., however, she lost with 38 percent to Sanders’ 60.4 percent. Despite her razor thin win in one state and tremendous loss […]
Is Sanders redistributing wealth through campaign?
Bernie Sanders is known for his redistribution of wealth campaign. He won’t take money from Super PACs, and he’s lauded by many as running on anti-corruption. But, the Washington Free Beacon noted that, according to public records, Sanders has been sending money from his campaign and nonprofits to his family and friends. He may have already […]
Hey Media: Rubio is only 1 delegate behind Cruz
Despite the media obituaries for Senator Marco Rubio’s campaign, the delegate math tells a starkly different story. With the voting completed in New Hampshire and Iowa, Donald Trump leads the delegate count with 17 delegates, Sen. Ted Cruz is in second with 11 delegates, and Sen. Marco Rubio is in third with 10 delegates. Gov. […]
NH Loss: Hillary fans still denigrate young women
Much has been made about comments from older Hillary Clinton surrogates, Madeleine Albright, 78, and Gloria Steinem, 81. That Albright mentioned there was “a special place in hell” for the young women who didn’t vote for Hillary and Steinem suggested they supported Bernie Sanders to meet “boys,” did nothing to help and likely only hurt the […]


High costs of California drive away young families
The west has spurred young Americans to leave their homes for centuries; now, however, the young have started to flee California for better opportunities. It’s not the rich who want lower taxes who have left, either. Working young professional families, those at the prime of their earning power, have driven the out-migration, according to Real […]
Trump attacks Jeb! Bush over eminent domain
Donald Trump is serving Jeb! Bush a taste of his own medicine. The Hill reported that after weeks of Bush’s criticisms over Trump praise and use of eminent domain, the billionaire finally clapped back by accusing the Bush family of using the practice to build a baseball stadium in Texas. “Eminent domain is a very important […]
Study: Income inequality drives Gen-Y 'narcissism'
Income inequality might be shaping the millennial generation and exacerbating a decades-long trend of narcissism. More income inequality correlates with higher self-regard among individuals, according to Live Science. Thus, as a wave of individualism-driven narcissism continues unabated in the United States, a greater inward focus in Americans continue. That doesn’t mean the terrifying image of […]
Thanks Autocorrect: Now millennials can't spell
A texting app turned off its spellchecker, and people became very lax with their spelling accuracy. When Blend, a group texting app, paused autocorrect for 72 hours, about one-third of all words were misspelled, according to News 1130. Blend has a heavily young user base, and “weird,” “definitely,” and Budweiser were victimized. Double-letter words, misspellings […]
Even Millennials see themselves as narcissistic
Millennials are much more self-aware than is generally assumed by their crotchety grandparents. They view themselves as more narcissistic than previous generations, but not as narcissistic than older generations think, according to Live Science. A new study fleshed out how millennials view themselves; unsurprisingly, “millennials do not appreciate being called narcissistic and entitled,” Joshua Grubbs, […]


Students take out loans, but don't understand them
College freshmen still don’t understand what they’re doing when they sign for a student loan. Not only that, but they’re rarely aware of the different options to pay off the loans, according to NPR. Loan services, which the Department of Education contracts with to collect debt payments, don’t have to make sure that students are […]
Purdue staff member 'offer[ed] to rape' pro-lifers
Last week, members of Purdue Students for Life commemorated Black History Month by educating the campus about the disproportionate abortion rates affecting blacks. The project idea came from Ryan Bomberger, a black pro-life speaker who is behind Too Many Aborted and the Radiance Foundation. Many reacted to the students’ efforts to start a conversation on abortion by […]
Ed. Dept. finally investigating higher ed fraud
The Department of Education has announced a new fraud unit to target for-profit colleges that abuse the financial aid system, but it isn’t as concerned with non-profit schools. “The department announced Monday the establishment of the Federal Student Aid Enforcement Unit, a division that would ferret out abuses, particularly those by for-profit schools,” Molly Hensley-Clancy […]
Gay liberal prof. fired for sexual harassment
Well respected University of California-Riverside Professor Rob Latham was fired from the college after a student accused him of sexual harassment, but the tenured professor insists it was part of a homophobic scheme. The College Fix reported on Friday that Latham was fired after a male student sued the school after being sexually harassed by […]
Dept. of Ed. scamming student loan borrowers
Debt relief companies have been using robocalls to drum up business from student-loan borrowers, but the practice resides in a legal gray area. Some experts label the practice a scam because borrowers who took federal student loans can manage or reduce their debt through free government programs, whereas some debt relief companies charge a fee, […]


Senate passes bill to permanently ban internet tax
On Thursday afternoon, the Senate passed a custom enforcement bill originated in the House by Rep. Tom Reed (R-N.Y.) that would permanently ban state and local municipalities from taxing internet access. The Hill reported that Sens. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) spearheaded the bill. “This bill is about coming down hard on the […]
Republican Rep. vapes while legislating [VIDEO]
  Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) took a puff from his nicotine vaporizer during a hearing to ban e-cigarettes on airplanes Thursday. Like Miley Cyrus, Hunter just can’t be tamed. After exhaling his vaporizer, the California Congressman led a stern defense in favor of vaping. “This is called a vaporizer. There’s no combustion. There’s no carcinogens,” […]
1 in. of snow cripples DC: Imagine a terror attack
America’s Capital was crippled yesterday. Roads were nearly shut down, and millions were stranded on the road for hours. Was this because of a terror attack? A massive earthquake? A blizzard? No, it was all from 1 inch of snow. On Wednesday night, Washington, D.C. area commuters suffered one of the worst commutes in recent […]
1 in 10 Congressmembers have student debt
Underemployed graduates aren’t the only ones saddled with student debt. A surprising number of Congressmen are too. About one in 10 Congress members have accumulated student debt and continue to pay it off, according to Time. The analysis comes from the Center for Responsive Politics, a group that tracks financial donations. With 53 representatives paying off […]
Amash: 'They're coming for your privacy'
Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) took to Twitter on Wednesday afternoon to try to warn voters that Congress is debating a bill that will invade everyone’s privacy. The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act or CISA, has been working through Congress for months; the House passed two versions in April and the Senate passed it’s version in October. Information leaked […]

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Whole Foods to sell tattoos to win over Gen-Y
Supermarket giant Whole Foods is looking to branch out to their past their traditional customer base to millennials by installing tattoo parlors in their stores. Bloomberg Business reported that Whole Foods Inc. Co-Chief Executive Officer Walter Robb has spearheaded the effort and the franchise is now advertising for suppliers and vendors in all their new […]
Jesse Watters talks with Bernie Sanders supporters
In the spirit of Bernie Sanders having “captured the imagination of some younger Americans,” Bill O’Reilly sent out Jesse Watters to talk to some of those younger Americans, at the University of Oregon, “to explore the Sanders phenomenon.” As is usually the case with Watters World segments for The O’Reilly Factor, the responses are both cringe worthy and hilarious. […]
"Bern your enthusiasm": Larry David returns to SNL
Larry David returned to Saturday Night Live, and of course, he brought back his impression of socialist Senator Bernie Sanders. In a parody of “curb your enthusiasm,” SNL coined “bern your enthusiasm.” Later in the show, Sen. Sanders made a joint appearance with Larry David. In a sinking boat, Sen. Sanders appears on the scene […]
How to watch tonight's debate in New Hampshire
For millennials who may not have TVs — or can’t afford cable in the Obama economy — you can watch the ABC debate in New Hampshire tonight (Saturday, February 6, 2016) at 8 p.m. EST for free. ABC will be live-streaming the event. Click here to access the stream. All major candidates will attend, except […]
Data: Teen pregnancy down 80% since 1990
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention released their official 2014 birth data, and millennials are getting married and waiting longer to have children but having nearly the same amount as a decade ago. There were two reports on the subject of birth data, one released on December 23 and a follow up on a […]