Amy Schumer pushes for gun control
Sen. Chuck Schumer is using his famous family tree to try and make the argument for stricter gun control laws in the wake of several mass shootings this summer. Schumer called his distant cousin, actress and comedian Amy Schumer, who also happens to have another connection to this push. The shooting in Lafayette, Louisiana, last month […]
Caitlyn Jenner's unpopular conservatism
Caitlyn Jenner is definitely a controversial figure–but among some liberals, it’s not her gender that’s the problem. It’s her conservative economic views. In a new E! preview for I Am Cait, Jenner clashes with some of her new LGBT activist friends when they try to get her to advocate for social welfare programs for transgender people–and she knocks down […]
Stewart: Trump is every GOP stereotype
Jon Stewart can’t get enough of bashing Donald Trump, but on Thursday’s episode of The Daily Show, he actually made a solid point. In the Republican Party’s assessment of what went wrong in 2008 and 2012, when Democrats and Obama took the White House, they determined that it was because of the negative stereotypes that […]
Stewart downplays private Obama meeting
Jon Stewart insists that his quiet meetings with Obama weren’t that different from how most of his meetings go—with Obama basically saying, “Jon, why are you such an a—hole.” Politico reported earlier this week that Obama has twice called Stewart to the White House for private meetings where the president tried to sell Stewart on his agenda. […]
Tina Fey: Trump is 'great for comedy'
She is best known for her impersonation of Sarah Palin in the 2008 election, but Tina Fey says she’s found a new source of inspiration this time around. His name is Donald Trump, and you might know him from the tastefully placed signs tacked onto the sides of some skyscrapers, which it turns out, are not loved by […]


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Sanders says he can 'absolutely' beat Hillary
What Bernie Sanders is lacking in the polls, he sure is making up for it in confidence. In an interview with  Jorge Ramos, the Univision host asked Sanders if he still thought that Hillary Clinton was “not inevitable,” if he could beat her for the party’s 2016 presidential nomination. The Vermont senator responded, “Oh, absolutely. No […]
Hillary is now charging $2K for a photo with her
Apparently the “champion of everyday Americans” isn’t interested in actually filling her campaign events with everyday Americans. I'm running for president. Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion. –H https://t.co/w8Hoe1pbtC— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) April 12, 2015 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is charging supporters $2,700 — $350 more than the average person’s monthly wages […]
Chris Christie, the man without a immigration plan
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) said on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday that he has no plan for how to deal with the millions of illegal immigrants living in the U.S. should he become president. When asked if he would grant legal status, the forerunner for amnesty, to the millions of undocumented aliens, Christie […]
Carson criticizes #BlackLivesMatter protesters
Ben Carson thinks the #BlackLivesMatter protesters who booed Martin O’Malley for saying “all lives matter” are an example of “political correctness going amok.” “That’s what I’m talking about is silly,” Carson told NBC’s Meet the Press. “Of course all lives matter, and of course we should be very concerned about what’s going on, particularly in […]
Donald Trump: 'Who knows what I'll do'
Get excited for this week’s Fox News debate–even The Donald admits he has no idea what’s going to come flying out of his mouth. During an interview with Fox News’ Cashin’ In on Saturday, Trump said he had never been in a formal debate before and wasn’t sure how it would go. “Maybe I’ll be good, […]


Charles Koch wants greater economic growth
Despite lackluster growth for the American economy, Charles Koch believes annual growth rates of 4 percent are possible. Speaking to a group of donors at a California meeting, Koch specified that he viewed growth rates as different than GDP. “I think we can have growth rates in excess of 4 percent. When I’m talking about […]
Ahead of debate, Jeb Bush shares immigration plan
With just days to go before the first debate, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) is looking to clarify his position on immigration and border security. The presidential candidate posted his plans for securing our national border Monday morning on Medium and sought to show that he’s not in favor of a blanket amnesty and that illegal […]
Signs of division in the GOP on ObamaCare repeal
THE HILL — Senate Republican leaders this week narrowly averted an intra-party battle over ObamaCare by again promising to get a repeal bill to the president’s desk through budget reconciliation. But the use of reconciliation — a budget tool that allows bills to bypass the Senate’s 60-vote threshold — is still a matter of debate among […]
Gun control activists protest gun emoji
If anyone needed proof that the gun control movement is anti-freedom — now they’re coming for your emoji.  New Yorkers Against Gun Violence’s (NYAGV) latest campaign, #DisarmTheiPhone, demands that Apple remove the gun emoji from all phones. “There is a gun we all carry,” a campaign video states. “That we can all give up.” NYAGV then calls […]
Norton: D.C. is 'proud' to be a sanctuary city
Politicians in the nation’s capital are very “proud” that the city ignores federal laws. So said Washington D.C.’s delegate to Congress Eleanor Holmes Norton to a group of protestors on Thursday, according The Daily Caller. “We are proud to stand with our immigrants, documented and undocumented alike. Donald Trump has worked up Republicans around the nation […]


Rising tuition, administrative bloat at Syracuse
Syracuse University is increasing tuition for the 2015-16 school year, but at least students know what they are paying for. An audit recently presented to the chancellor found that there are several hundred administrators who only oversee one or two employees apiece at the university. The audit by consulting firm Bain & Company originally reported […]
Fresno State opens center for illegal immigrants
Fresno State University will be building a Dream Outreach Center on the taxpayer dime to address the so-called needs and challenges of illegal aliens going to a college subsidized by American citizens. “These students are confronted with major hurdles as they attempt to navigate the enrollment and financial aid processes to gain access to higher education. […]
The Clintons made millions off for-profit colleges
The Clinton’s made $16.5 million dollars promoting a large international for-profit college company between 2010 and 2014, according to tax returns released on Friday by Hillary’s campaign. Bill Clinton served as honorary chancellor of Laureate International Universities, a subsidiary of the privately held, for-profit company Laureate Education, for five years. Laureate Education is among the […]
Student's health coverage dropped over ACA mandate
Wheaton College will no longer provide health insurance to students due to the school’s opposition to the contraceptive mandate in the Affordable Care Act. Wheaton is a Christian liberal arts college in suburban Chicago that has roughly 3,000 undergraduate and graduate students. This decision will affect a quarter of the student body that was expecting […]
UNH 'bias-free language guide' taken down
The University of New Hampshire has taken down its bias-free language guide after the abundance of negative media coverage it received. The guide that stirred national outrage for suggesting the word “American” is problematic, can no longer be found on the UNH website. It was removed on Thursday and replaced with a page on “inclusive excellence.” […]


Bipartisan bill would end ban on shipping alcohol
All it takes to see some bipartisanship in the U.S. House these days is a little booze. Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), along with 24 co-sponsors that include four Republicans, has introduced a bill that would end a Prohibition-era ban on shipping alcohol through the U.S. Postal Service, The Hill reported. The USPS Shipping Equity Act would put the […]
Two GOP senators won't defund Planned Parenthood
At least two Republicans senators have announced that they will oppose a plan to defund Planned Parenthood being pushed by Sens. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and James Lankford (R-Okla.). Sen. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) and Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) announced Wednesday that they will not support the defunding effort proposed by their Republican colleagues. […]
Boehner unconcerned about resolution to topple him
During a press conference yesterday, John Boehner took a nonchalant approach toward efforts to oust him from his speaker of the House position. Representative Tim Meadows’s resolution for Boehner to vacate his seat didn’t stir Boehner to have a discussion, even. “You got a member here and a member there who are off the reservation,” […]
GOP Congressman wants Boehner to vacate his chair
A North Carolina Republican proposed a resolution to oust John Boehner his position as speaker of the House of Representatives, but it’s unlikely to have the desired effect. Representative Mark Meadows introduced a resolution that would remove Boehner and declare the position vacant. In the resolution, Meadows accuses Boehner of trying to consolidate power and […]
Penn. Rep. Fattah indicted in racketeering case
PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A longtime Philadelphia congressman who was indicted Wednesday paid off a campaign loan with charitable donations and federal grants, funneled campaign money to pay down his son’s student loan debt and disguised a lobbyist’s bribe as payment for a car he never sold, federal prosecutors said. Democratic U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah and […]

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Veteran beats apartment complex, can to fly flag
Army veteran Keith Ludwig will not let his apartment complex dictate where he can put his American flag. That resolve paid off Friday when the complex gave in after Ludwig appeared on the local news and pled his case. “I’m a veteran, my grandfather’s a veteran, my father’s a veteran. We’re a military family,” he told […]
CEO who set $70K minimum wage is now cash-strapped
Earlier this year, Dan Price, the founder of Gravity Payments, decided to raise the minimum wage in his company to $70,000 a year. It’s not going very well. Price attempted to pay for the new wages—which he extended to every clerk and sales rep on his 120-person staff—by slashing his own $1 million salary to $70,000, […]
Notorious RBG has been studying Notorious B.I.G.
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been feeling more “Notorious” than ever lately. Better known on the internet as the Notorious R.B.G., Ginsburg finally dished on her online meme persona at an event hosted by Duke University School of Law on Wednesday night. While it took her some time to embrace the name — when […]
Fed grant covers $2.6M project on trucker obesity
As everything is a crisis, the federal government has tackled the newest one — overweight truck drivers. According to the Washington Free Beacon, the National Institutes of Health has spent more than $2.6 million for a project to supposedly improve the health of truck drivers. The taxpayer-funded project includes a weight loss competition and motivational phone […]
Lena Dunham outraged over legal sex work
Lena Dunham, tl;dr: making money from selling off aborted baby parts is great, but making money from consensual sex should get you thrown in jail. Dunham and a host of other Hollywood elites, including Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep, and Kate Winslet, are protesting Amnesty International’s recent announcement that they support the decriminalization of consensual sex work. Amnesty […]