Brazile says she brings 'realism' to TV
Democratic National Committee Vice Chairwoman Donna Brazile is a real life actor who brings “realism” to your living room and she wants you to know it. The New York Times published a letter by Brazile Wednesday that was apparently in response to a NYT critic who dinged Valerie Jarrett’s recent appearance on “The Good Wife.” The […]
Stewart: How a bill becomes an ad

Jon Stewart observed Tuesday night that, although Congress doesn’t pass many laws these days, all those bills don’t go to waste—instead they are reborn into campaign ads slamming opponents for not voting on something.

Stewart wants to move 'home' to England

Jon Stewart is having second thoughts about the whole “American independence from Britain” thing.

Colbert: Obama is stealing Bush's lines

Colbert observed Monday night that some of Obama's recent comments on ISIS and Iraq seem a little familiar.

Liberal lobbying firm makes ‘Bibi-Yoncé’

If you’ve ever thought that the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict reminded you a lot of a Beyoncé song, liberal Middle East lobbying group J Street has the internet campaign for you!

White House

Holder resigns with 26 percent approval rating, making him third least popular Obama cabinet member

Attorney General Eric Holder’s dismal 26 percent approval rating as he steps down from his duties still leaves him as only the third least popular Obama administration official to resign.

Barack Obama doesn’t celebrate National Coffee Day. He celebrates tee time.

Look. We get it. The president gave his coffee salute, The Semper Latte, just days ago, recent enough to use for National Coffee Day jokes from dusk 'til decaf. But aren't we missing an opportunity here?

U.S. Grants $450M to Community Colleges To Link Job Training To Employers
WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden announced almost a half-billion dollars of grants Monday to community colleges working with employers on job training. Linking training to industry demand is key to the Obama administration’s strategy for improving wages and reducing unemployment. Massasoit Community College in Massachusetts and Wisconsin’s Chippewa Valley Technical College received the […]
WH: Secret Service’s ‘task is incredible’
THE HILL – The White House said Sunday it remained confident in the Secret Service despite news that the agency didn’t realize for five days that bullets had hit the White House in a 2011 shooting incident. “I know the Secret Service is on top of this and they will take every necessary step to correct […]
Even hardcore left states don’t believe Obama is doing a good job
President Obama is facing more bad approval ratings, but this time they are coming from states that used to be his biggest fans. Just 39 percent of registered voters in New York responded to a new Marist College poll that they believed Obama was doing an “excellent” or “good” job. This is the lowest level […]


Lawmakers react to Secret Service resignation

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson tendered her resignation Wednesday in the wake of news of multiple security breaches and testimony before Congress this week.

John Boehner: Obamacare 'has to go'

In an interview with USA TODAY Tuesday, House Speaker John Boehner affirmed that Obama's championed but disastrous Affordable Care Act "has to go."

McCain: Rand Paul 'trusts me' in military matters

McCain thinks he would wield a great deal of influence over a potential President Paul, “particularly on the military side of things.”

Rep introduces bill to ban porn on gov. computers
Most people wouldn’t think to browse porn at work, but then again, most people aren’t federal employees. Earlier this year it was discovered that one EPA official had been browsing pornography for two to six hours a day while at work and now Rep. Mark Meadows, (R-N.C.) has introduced a bill explicitly “prohibit[ing] the access […]
DWS repeated 'back of his hand' line
Apparently when Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz finds a phrase she likes she is going to repeat it, no matter how offensive. For the second time within the past month, footage of the DNC chairwoman has surfaced in which she accused a Republican governor of giving women “the back of his hand.” Republican Super […]


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Sexual consent app gets permission for sex

Amid all the concern lately over what constitutes sexual consent, someone finally had the idea, why not make an app? Kids use apps for everything these days!


Secret Service chief resigns after security lapses

WASHINGTON (AP) — Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resigned Wednesday, a day after bitingly critical questioning by Congress about a White House security breach. There had been increasing calls for her departure during the day.

Mom faces jail for treating son with cannabis

A Minnesota mother faces jail time for treating her son's seizures with medicinal cannabis oil, a treatment option that will be legal in the state in 2015.

FTC rules against caffeine-infused underwear
Never fear uninformed consumers! Your government is here to prevent you from buying things like caffeine-infused underwear. The Federal Trade Commission ordered two companies, Norm Thompson Outfitters Inc. and Wacoal America, to stop marketing underwear infused with caffeine Monday. The firms had been claiming  that the underwear would help wearers lose fat and cellulite. The […]
Olympian Michael Phelps apologizes for DUI arrest

BALTIMORE (AP) — Olympic champion Michael Phelps apologized Tuesday for his latest brush with the law, saying he was "deeply sorry to everyone I have let down" with an arrest for DUI.


Obamacare's dismal approval has hardly budged

After a 40-shot tennis rally that'd make even Rafael Nadal collapse, the numbers have hardly budged.

Tax dollars used for artwork, booze and pianos
The federal government’s fiscal year ended Tuesday, meaning that a whole bunch of strange purchases were made by the federal government to use all of their annual budget. Real Clear Markets has a list of some of the more bizarre agency choices: - The IRS spent $2,410,000 on “toner products” in a single purchase. - […]
Economists agree: Don't restrict Uber

Economists are confirming what anyone who has ever taken a taxi already knows: Uber and Lyft are good for consumers.


Restaurant offers discount to gun carriers

Bergeron's Restaurant in Port Allen, Louisiana, is offering a 10 percent discount to customers who enter the restaurant carrying guns. The deal was initially intended to bring in business from law enforcement officers, but when other gun-toting customers asked owner Kevin Cox for the discount, he enthusiastically agreed.

Apple's iOS 8 not as secure as you think

The FBI is apparently furious at Apple for new security measures that lock them out of people’s smart phones, even with valid search warrants. But iPhone users should know the vaunted security measures aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.


The gender gap nobody cares about

If you search for “gender gap in STEM education,” you’ll find piles of articles calling to reverse the national emergency of women who don’t like math. But there’s another gender gap that often gets less attention: women have started to consistently outnumber men in graduate schools, year after year, and not just in non-STEM fields.

CA grants student loans to undocumented students

Undocumented college students in California now have access to a state student loan program thanks to a measure signed into law this week by Gov. Jerry Brown (D).

Factual Feminist: Free speech exists on campus

When a student newspaper at the University of Alaska Fairbanks wrote a satirical story about their campus dedicating “a new building in the shape of a vagina” to honor their female demographic, they soon found their 2013 April Fools prank under investigation for sexual harassment.


Common Core Tests Will Be Longer Than LSATs
The Washington Post reports that the new Common Core-aligned PARCC exams will take 8-11 hours to complete, depending on students’ grade-level.
California can now offer $10K bachelor's degrees
California is now officially the 22nd state to allow for community college bachelor’s degrees. California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill Sunday that will allow up to 15 community colleges to launch bachelor’s degrees programs, the Sacramento Bee reports. The pilot program is set to begin no later than the 2017-18 academic year and end in 2024. These degrees will […]